clever-rat-aura.jpg dull-rat-aura.jpg eternal-war-aura.jpg
Clever Rat's Ring (HP<30%)1 Dull Rat's Ring (HP<30%) Eternal Warrior's Ring
fragrant-aura.jpg regenerators-aura.jpg avarice-back-aura.jpg
Fragrant Ring2 Regenerator's Ring3 Ring of Avarice4
disease-res-aura.jpg flame-res-aura.jpg gash-res-aura.jpg
Ring of Disease Resistance Ring of Flame Resistance Ring of Gash Resistance
magical-dull-aura.jpg magical-sharp-aura.jpg poison-res-aura.jpg
Ring of Magical Dullness5 Ring of Magical Sharpness6 Ring of Poison Resistance


adjudicators-shield-aura.jpg dark-silver-shield-aura.jpg rune-shield-aura.jpg
Adjudicator's Shield7 Dark Silver Shield8 Rune Shield9


blessed-weapon-aura.jpg bramd-aura.jpg cres-weapon-aura.jpg
Blessed Weapon - Example Aura10 Bramd Crescent Weapon - Example Aura11
dragon-bone-smasher-aura.jpg istarelle-aura.jpg kris-blade-aura.jpg
Dragon Bone Smasher Istarelle Kris Blade12
rune-sword-aura.jpg morion-blade-aura.jpg phosphoresent-pole-aura.jpg
Rune Sword13 Morion Blade - HP<30%14 Phosphorescent Pole15


Silver Bracelets16
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