Flying Bearbug

General Information

The Bearbugs infest Stonefang Tunnel. Their shell allows them to survive even in lava. These insects are so strong that even miners couldn't get rid of them, satisfied with just throwing them in the deepest reaches of the canyon.

Their relatives include Bearbugs, Large Bearbugs and Giant Bearbugs.



World 2-2
HP Souls Normal Def. Slash Def. Blunt Def. Pierce Def. Magic Def. Fire Def. Poison Res. Plague Res. Bleed Res.
375 160 202 235 202 303 80 716 100 125 500


World 2-2
Shard of Dragonstone x1 (20%)

Attack Patterns

  • Needle attack.


Use range magic such as Soul Arrow or a bow to bring them down. Use melee attack when they come to rest.

Soulsucker Strategy

If you have the spell Soulsucker, get near and kill it instantly.

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