Blacksmith Boldwin
blacksmith boldwin


The grouchy, yet diligent blacksmith of the Nexus. He's willing to upgrade and repair the arsenal of the Demon Slayer in exchange for the souls he needs to keep his sanity.

He grew up in Stonefang, alongside his brother Ed, where the miners would employ their strength to clear the tunnels from Bearbugs.


Tendency Events

  • None


All other upgrades must be made by Blacksmith Ed in Stonefang Tunnel.


HP Souls Drop
950 1860 Hands of God1

Vendor Information



Item Cost
Bolt 30
Arrow 20


Item Cost
Crescent Moon Grass 150
Fresh Spice 350
Ed's Grindstone 2000


Item Cost
Battle Axe 1500
Dagger 700
Short Sword 1000
Heater Shield 2000


  • Their superhuman might and the fact that both drop the Hands of God might hint at the brothers being descendants of the legendary "Big M", the dragonslayer of Stonefang.


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