Blacksmith Ed
Blacksmith Ed


Tendency Events

  • None


To give the Red Hot Demon's Soul:

  • Must have defeated the Armor Spider and Flamelurker on the current playthrough.
  • Must have the Red Hot Demon's Soul in the inventory.
  • Select the talk option with him multiple times until all his dialogues have been exhausted.

Boss Weapon Crafting

Demon's Soul Boss Boss Weapon Required Weapon(s) and Upgrade Level to Craft
False King's Demon's Soul Old King Allant Northern Regalia Soulbrandt+0 AND Demonbrandt+01
Grey Demon's Soul Vanguard Dozer Axe Battle Axe+6, Guillotine Axe+6, Crescent Axe+6, Great Axe+6, or Halberd+6
Hard Demon's Soul Armor Spider Lava Bow Short Bow+7, Long Bow+7, Compound Short Bow+7, or Compound Long Bow+7
Hero Demon's Soul Old Hero Large Sword of Searching Claws+8, Broad Sword+8, Flamberge+8, Shotel+8, Scimitar+8, Falchion+8, Kilij+8, Uchigatana+8, or War Scythe+8
Lead Demon's Soul Phalanx Scraping Spear Short Spear+7 or Winged Spear+7
Mixed Demon's Soul Maneater Needle of Eternal Agony Dagger+7, Parrying Dagger+7, Secret Dagger+7, Mail Breaker+7, Rapier+7, or Estoc+7
Pureblood Demon's Soul Maiden Astraea Blueblood Sword Broken Sword+0
Storm Demon's Soul Storm King Morion Blade Short Sword+8, Long Sword+8, Knight Sword+8, Bastard Sword+8, Claymore+8, or Great Sword+8
Swollen Demon's Soul Adjudicator Meat Cleaver Club+0, Great Club+0, War Pick+6, Mace+6, Pickaxe+6, Morning Star+6, Iron Knuckles+6, or Mirdan Hammer+6
Yellow Demon's Soul Old Monk Insanity Catalyst Wooden Catalyst+0 AND Silver Catalyst+0


HP Souls Drop
1250 2420 Hands of God


  • There is a bug which causes Ed to disappear from the game. It's been reported that if you achieve PWWT, and then drop it down to PBWT, and then bring it back to PWWT, Ed will vanish from the game without a trace. Making it impossible to gain trophies, upgrading weapons with rare ores, and forging weapons from Demon's Souls. However, like all NPCs, he will return on your next playthrough.


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