Meat Cleaver Black Phantom
the meat cleaver black phantom.jpg
the meat cleaver black phantom in her element

General Information

This Black Phantom patrols the islands to the left of the first Fog Gate in 5-2. She can be seen in silhouette in front of the glowing items, and her footsteps make pink splashes in the swamp.

location hp
pbwt neutral pwwt
pbwt neutral pwwt
melee attack ranged attack special attack weakness
5-2 1320 ???? ~1060 7035 ???? 4690 Meat Cleaver n/a can roll in the swamp -


Meat Cleaver
Old Raggedy Robes

Item Drops

Chunk of Faintstone x3
Stone of Ephemeral Eyes x2

Attack Patterns

Uses the standard Meat Cleaver move set, including the rolling attack. Even when in the swamp.


Run to dry land, where you can fight her normally.

Alternately, with decent Endurance and a bunch of high level grass (Full Moon Grass for instance), keep blocking and attacking. You will have to heal quite a bit even when you do block, because you still take damage due to Magic damage. Shield and Spear works well.

If you have a Thief's Ring or Graverobber's Ring equipped you can avoid her or hit her with a ranged attack or two, then sprint away a short distance and she will give up the chase.

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