Penetrating Sword Black Phantom
penetrating sword black phantom

aka Metas, the Knight of the Lance

General Information

This Black Phantom lies in wait for you in 1-4 - Boletarian Palace.

He is accompanied by the White Bow Black Phantom and the Scraping Spear Black Phantom.

location hp
pbwt neutral pwwt
pbwt neutral pwwt
melee attack ranged attack special attack weakness
1-4 ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Penetrating Sword n/a n/a -


Penetrating Sword
Chain Helmet
Fluted Armor
Plate Gauntlets
Plate Leggings

Item Drops

Penetrating Sword

Attack Patterns

  • Repeated left and right swing combo
  • Strong one handed lunging strike


Deal with this phantom first. He is the easiest to lure out. Dodge his attacks and go for the backstab if you can.

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