Rune Sword Black Phantom
rune sword black phantom

General Information

This Black Phantom appears towards the end of 1-4 - Boletarian Palace, as you approach the elevator leading to the boss fight.

He is equpped in the same fashion as Ostrava

location hp
pbwt neutral pwwt
pbwt neutral pwwt
melee attack ranged attack special attack weakness
1-4 ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Rune Sword
Rune Shield
n/a n/a -


Rune Sword
Rune Shield
Fluted Armor Set

Item Drops

Rune Sword
Rune Shield

Attack Patterns

  • Repeated left and right swing combo
  • Strong one handed lunging strike
  • Will roll backwards to avoid your assault


Try to lure him off the bridge, as it's quite easy to fall off.
His sword deals fairly high magic damage, penetrating most shields. You need to keep your distance or equip the Dark Silver Shield.
These things aside, Ostrava is one of the weakest black phantoms, and is relatively easy to overpower.

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