Scraping Spear Black Phantom
scraping spear black phantom

aka Alfred, the Knight of the Tower

General Information

This Black Phantom lies in wait for you in 1-4 - Boletarian Palace.

He is accompanied by the White Bow Black Phantom and the Penetrating Sword Black Phantom.

location hp
pbwt neutral pwwt
pbwt neutral pwwt
melee attack ranged attack special attack weakness
1-4 ?? ?? 884 ?? ?? ?? Scraping Spear n/a n/a -


Scraping Spear
Tower Shield
Brushwood Armor

Item Drops

Tower Shield

Attack Patterns

Once alerted, marches relentlessly with shield raised stabbing with a Scraping Spear when you are in range. Will occasionally do a strong forward thrust.


Wait for the strong forward thrust, circle and backstab.


There is a corpse at the bottom of the pit where Executionior Miralda waits in 1-1. The Brushwood Armor Set and Brushwood Shield are near the corpse. It has been suggested that this is the corpse of Vallarfax of the Twin Fangs who appears as the Scraping Spear Black Phantom later in the game. It has also been suggested that the Scraping Spear does not appear with the corpse as it is created using a Demon's Soul.

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