Uchigatana Black Phantom
hiltless black phantom

General Information

This Black Phantom is waiting in the pit, that Patches lurks over in 4-2 - Adjudicator Archstone.
location hp
pbwt neutral pwwt
pbwt neutral pwwt
melee attack ranged attack special attack weakness
4-2 ?? 1088 ?? ?? ?? ?? Hiltless
n/a n/a -


Hiltless - left hand
Uchigatana - right hand
Venerable Sage's Robe
Venerable Sage's Gloves
Venerable Sage's Boots

Item Drops

Chunk of Darkmoonstone x3
Stone of Ephemeral Eyes

Attack Patterns

  • left and right swiping combo
  • overhead slash for heavy damage
  • will backstab if given the opportunity
  • can be constantly farmed for Stone of Ephemeral Eyes if you kill Urbain without rescuing him



Block first attack with a shield. Follow with several strikes using a fast weapon. Retreat with shield raised before stamina is depleted totally. Repeat.


Use the bow from outside aggro range. He will not charge and will just run around. Change position a lot. Works well if you don't feel confident in melee. Thief's Ring suggested.

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