Uchigatana Black Phantom
hiltless black phantom



HP Souls Drop
1146 1670 Chunk of Darkmoonstone x3
Stone of Ephemeral Eyes
Black Eye Stone1
Vitality Intelligence Endurance Strength Dexterity Magic Faith Luck
10 3 10 18 19 3 3 3


Right Hand 1 Left Hand
Hiltless +2 Uchigatana +5
Helmet Armor Gauntlets Leggings
Venerable Sage's Robe Venerable Sage's Gloves Venerable Sage's Boots

Attack Patterns

  • Left and right swiping combo.
  • Overhead slash for heavy damage.
  • Will backstab, if given the opportunity.



Block first attack with a shield, follow with several strikes using a fast weapon and retreat with shield raised before stamina is depleted totally: rinse and repeat. Everytime the Black Phantom attacks with his Hiltless, his health will be depleted by the weapon.


With the Thief's Ring equipped, use the bow from outside his aggro range: he'll not charge, just run around. Change position a lot to avoid drawing him too close to you.


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