White Bow Black Phantom
white bow black phantom

aka Long Bow Oolan

General Information

This Black Phantom lies in wait for in 1-4 - Boletarian Palace

She is accompanied by the Penetrating Sword Black Phantom and the Scraping Spear Black Phantom.

location hp
pbwt neutral pwwt
pbwt neutral pwwt
melee attack ranged attack special attack weakness
1-4 ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Kilij White Bow
White Arrow
Firestorm -


White Bow
White Arrow
Leather Shield
Leather Armor

Item Drops

White Bow

Attack Patterns

  • Rapid fires White Arrows from a White Bow when you are within range
  • Single handed attack using a Kilij when you are in melee range
  • May cast Firestorm when you are at close range


Kill her companions first. Lock on and close the distance between you quickly by sprinting at an oblique angle to avoid her arrows. Use a quick weapon to get in a few hits. Leave enough stamina to roll away as she is about to counter. Circle as Stamina recovers. Repeat. You can of course use the abundance of cover in the area if you need a breather.

Bow Strategy

This is it. The ultimate Archer v Archer battle. It's actually pretty even for several reasons:

  1. She does a lot of damage, but you can eat moon grass.
  2. You have a limited number of arrows, but she'll forget about you if you get far enough away
  3. She seems to know when you're shooting at her, and will roll, but you're human. Use your brain.

Standing by or behind that weird dead dragon creature is a fairly good spot. Lava Bow is good for this battle, as it gives you something she doesn't have - ranged Fire damage. Shoot and retreat or shoot repeatedly, but watch out for her rolling away. If you can't seem to hit her, walk back over to the archstone, or stop shooting for a bit. You may have to back up anyway, if you aren't wearing the Thief's Ring. After a while, if she starts running at you, don't laugh and let her, because you think you can out-melee her. She is most likely about to cast Firestorm, and unless you have fairly high Vitality, this will hurt. Even then… run back to the archstone and repeat the shooting strategy. This could take over 100-200 arrows.

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