White Bow Black Phantom
white bow black phantom



HP Souls Drop
1188 10500 White Bow
Vitality Intelligence Endurance Strength Dexterity Magic Faith Luck
11 18 11 20 24 7 4 5


Right Hand 1 Right Hand 2 Left Hand 1 Left Hand 2 Arrows Spell
White Bow +5 Kilij +10 Leather Shield Silver Catalyst White Arrow Firestorm
Helmet Armor Gauntlets Leggings
Leather Armor Leather Gloves Leather Boots

Attack Patterns


Equip the Thief's Ring and face her companions first by either walking slowly toward them or using arrows to draw their aggro. Lock on and close the distance with her quickly by sprinting at an oblique angle to avoid arrows. Use a quick weapon to get a few hits in, leaving enough stamina to roll away as she is about to counter, and circle as stamina recovers: rinse and repeat. You can of course use the abundance of cover in the area if you need a breather, but beware that she can break wooden barricades.

Bow Strategy

With the Thief's Ring equipped, shoot arrows from atop the dead dragon at the start of the Archstone and run away to reset her aggro.



  • This Black Phantom is heavily suggested to be Long Bow Oolan, whose figure was also imitated by Phalanx. Ostrava refering to her as "the brave tribesman" is a translation error derived from the lack of gender specific terminology in the japanese script.
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