Character Builds Guidelines

Before you consider posting, please do the following:

  • Browse the current available builds
  • If you see a build that is a slightly different from yours, then just leave a comment in the appropriate page (via the "Read more…" link at the bottom of each entry)
  • If you think your build is significantly different, then carry on.

Writing a new build

Creating the page

Use the button below to create a new page for your build. Enter your build's name and click on the "Add a new build" button.

You will then be re-directed to a data form.

Detailing your build

Recommended Class
What's the ideal class for your build to start with?
Recommended Stats
Enter the desired stats. Keep it reasonable: we desire 99 in all our stats, but lower stat targets means your build is easier to achieve and thus much more accessible. If the build does not spend any Soul Levels on a particular stat, simply leave the field as **.
Recommended Equipment
List the desired equipment that the build will use most of the time. Remember that "Bring everything" is hardly helpful.
Recommended Spells/Miracles
Same as Recommended Equipment
Gameplay Tips/Progression
Elaborate on what makes your build different. Also, list down a structured list of goals that you recommend readers to achieve (e.g. What item to obtain first? Which stats to focus on first?)

Summarise your build

Finally, read through your own build and try to describe it in one line. For example

A build made to use the Brushwood Armor Set.


General PVP-based Dex build


While entering your information, remember to take advantage of bulleted lists

* Ring of Avarice
* Soul Thirst
Which will display as

  • Ring of Avarice
  • Soul Thirst

and numbered lists.

# Kill Phalanx and get the Lead Demon's Soul
# Upgrade a Short Spear to +7
Which will display as

  1. Kill Phalanx and get the Lead Demon's Soul
  2. Upgrade a Short Spear to +7


The admins and mods reserve the right to alter build's title or contents if deemed inappropriate. This ranges from vague or misleading summaries to the use of strong language.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License

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