Character Builds

In Demon's Souls, your starting class defines how you play at the beginning, but not what he/she will be like late in the game. With an assortment of stats, weapons and spells to choose from, there is a great range of customization. Each character build isn't necessarily the same as another.

In this page you will find various of player-created character builds: how the stats are distributed, what equipment to use, what spells to remember, and maybe even gameplay tips. If you don't see a character build you like, feel free to contribute! Of course, none of these are hard and fast rules on how to play the game. Branch out and find your own path, slayer of Demons!

Build Name
(desc / asc)
Date Created
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(desc / asc)
Created by
(desc / asc)
Demon Hunter 25 Apr 2010 00:19 -2 Guy123 Fast, ranged/melee. Inspired by Biorr.
Demon Mage 16 Apr 2010 20:28 72 z00orleanz A very threatening build if mastered; Based on higher-level PvE
Satsuki Build (125) 11 Apr 2010 23:12 0 LadyzPrince Vitality,End,DEX
The Embarrasser 08 Apr 2010 18:20 11 Anonymous Fist that embarrass black phantoms. FUN BUILD, not for those looking for THE BEST.
LVL 120 Blessed Build 16 Mar 2010 16:32 1 HenryFonda Utilizes the strength of Faith. Its where hp regeneration meets high magic defense.
Meat Cleaver Build 13 Mar 2010 07:54 3 Ojimaru A balanced STR/DEX build that exploits the power of the Meat Cleaver.
Speed Knight 13 Mar 2010 17:18 1 Ojimaru For those who prefer movement, this is for you.
Retribution Build 13 Mar 2010 07:49 -1 Ojimaru A Faith-based melee damage build
Paladin 13 Mar 2010 07:45 0 Ojimaru A Faith + Dex build with ability to use heavy armour.
Ninja 13 Mar 2010 08:00 2 Ojimaru A stealthy character uses quick, fatal strikes.
Kenpachi 13 Mar 2010 08:12 -2 Ojimaru This is for the guy who wants to tear people in half in PvP.
Dark Ninja 13 Mar 2010 08:02 3 Ojimaru This build is for quick dodge attacks.
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