LVL 120 Blessed Build
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Build summary Utilizes the strength of Faith. Its where hp regeneration meets high magic defense.
Recommended starting class(es) Templar Knight
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence 15
Endurance 40
Strength 18
Dexterity **
Magic "10"
Faith 48
Luck **
Recommended equipment

The "10" can be lowered to 6 when the desired spells is obtained. Leveling Vitality(cannot be lowered) and Magic first makes this process much easier. 4 extra points can go to Vitality, Strength, or Faith. Yuria will let you remember your spells even if your Magic stats is below 10.

  • Male Armor: Anything that lets you roll. Recommends Old Kings Doran set.
  • Female Armor: Anything that lets you roll. Recommends Binded Cross set and Rogue set.


  • Great Axe(requires 18 str to 2-hand)
  • Great Sword(requires 18 str to 2-hand)
  • Mirdan Hammer(requires 12 dex)
  • Knight sword
  • Claymore
  • Anything that can be blessed

Off-hand weapon(s)/shield(s)

  • Morion Blade
  • Dark Silver Shield
  • Adjudicator's Shield
Recommended spells/miracles


  • Warding
  • Death Cloud


  • Second Chance
  • God's Wrath
  • Anti-Magic Field
Gameplay tips and progression

The blessed build is a PvP powerhouse with varieties of weapons to choose from. Damage isn't as good(about 100-200 less) as a str or dex build but it makes up for having high magic defense and doesn't require any weapon buffs.

Starting with the build

  • Choose the Templar Knight class.
  • After beating 1-1, level up vit, end, and faith. You can also level up magic which will make 5-1 much easier. When you have every spell you want, you can just delevel by suiciding as black phantom until magic is back at 6.
  • When you're confident in your stats, go to 5-1 and get the blessed mace +1.
  • Try getting your faith to 20 before talking to the female follower of Urbain.
  • Go to 4-1 to get the adjudicator shield. Try upgrading it to +5 by killing primevals, Mephistopheles' target(Patches and Biorr), and "trading" the gold mask + talisman of god with the crow girl.
  • Beat 2-1, 2-2, and 2-3. Gain access to Ed so he can upgrade your weapons to blessed. Beating 2-3 clears the fog after beating 1-2.
  • Free Freke before or after beating 1-2 so you can learn Warding(helpful against 4-2 Old Hero).
  • Go to 4-2 and beat that level. You have a choice between Large Sword of Searching or Second Chance. I would go for LSoS if you're gonna farm faintstones.
  • When you're ready, go beat 5-1, 5-2, and 5-3. Find and kill the geckos(5-1 drops shards while 5-2 + 5-3 drop chunks and pure) and equip LSoS with thief ring. Also try making the the world pure black. When all geckos are dead, farm from the goblin shamans(purple aura around them). To do that, go to 5-3 and backtrack to where the filthy woman is. There's a total of 3 you can kill. Make sure the world is pure black and always carry LSoS. Do this offline so it won't affect your world tendency after returning to the nexus.

Overview of each blessed PVP weapon

Mirdan Hammer

One of if not the best stun-lock weapon in Demon's Souls. The mirdan hammer's damage comes from its R1 combos. 2-handing is a must. The blessed version is weaker than the crushing and quality because it can't be enchanted. Using Curse weapon or Light weapon boosts the hammer to 400+ damage at high level. Great for new players but is disdained by veterans.


When Using

  • Just R1 spam(joking or maybe not…). There are 3 moves for a hammer user.
  • Running + R1 does a vertical hammer slam. The range is pretty far considering how it looks when using it. Sometimes it will still hit the opponent even if he/she rolls away or to the side.
  • The standard R1 attack does its job most of the time. At 40 endurance, the user can pull off 4-5(I need to check) hits that will usually kill or set off the opponent's Second Chance. Thats if all of the swings land a hit.
  • The user can cause the opponent to stagger with the Forward + R1 move. Damages taken when staggered will do more than usual.

When Used Against
Roll, roll, roll, and roll some more. Seriously you should join the circus after facing a hammer user. A strong counter against hammers(if you're blessed build) is the Great Axe. The Great Axe R1 swing will interrupt the hammer's swing even if both landed a hit at the same time. Roll + R1 works well against the hammer.

Great Axe

The power behind the blessed weapons. Slow yet strong, the Great Axe strikes more fear when there's more enemies. Its attack will be more than a surprise against newcomers.


When Using

  • Its R1 combo does 3 swings that stun-locks(depends on how close the target is) and knocks the opponent down on the third swing. Easy to pull off against decent players but rarely does it work against a skilled player. Some who knows the game well knows what a Great Axe is capable of. If all 3 swings connect, Second chance will activate or they will die. Each swings does 500+(at level 120). Warding isn't going to be helpful against a blessed weapon.
  • The roll + R1 can and probably will be the match ending move. Once the Axe pounds the ground, it does an AoE(Area of Effect) that damages anything caught within the radius. This will surprise many people who don't PVP(I won so many 1v3 because they thought it was alright to surround me when I'm down). The roll + R1 gives the user a moment of invincibility(when rolling and a brief moment after pressing the R1 button). This move will also stun anyone within its perimeter.
  • Against a good player, the rolling + R1 won't work without surprise. The user will have a maximum of 3 rolls + R1s at 40 endurance and full stamina. Opponents will roll away if the user rolls in his/her direction. An experienced axe user will usually know when his/her opponent's stamina is running low. The idea is to use the full stamina when attacking. Never leave yourself empty of stamina unless the last attack is the final attack. The recovery animation is really slow when you're out of stamina. Against dual katanas, it will certainly mean death. Roll away(if you have enough stamina) should your attack fail. By rolling, it cancels out the recovery animation. It will also confuse your opponent. Will you follow your attack or will you just roll away?

When Used Against
The idea is to stay out of it's range(unless you're going for a backstab or confident enough for first blood). Most people will incorporate the Great Axe with the Morion Blade. Never rush in thinking you'll get the first blow. When hyper mode takes affect, the person will be more aggressive yet also cautious of the weapons being used against him/her. The person will panic if Second Chance is activated. He/She will likely try a feint in order to heal. Always expect the unexpected when the person rolls. Attacking while the other person is low in stamina is key.

Great Sword

A good weapon to have since it can be blessed. Part of the Extra-Large Sword category, it is inferior in almost every way to the Dragon Bone Smasher(Keel Smasher). Armor really doesn't matter at high levels. What it does have is variety. The blessed version is one of the worst upgrades for it but its still an option. The reason being is because the damage output doesn't outweigh the stamina it uses. Overall great weapon in PVE and somewhat in PVP.


When Using

  • Never ever do the R1 + R1 + R1 in succession. Press R1 and wait until the attack animation finishes and then press R1 again. It should do the same attack.
  • Never ever do the the rolling + R1(the 1-hand roll is good but at 18 strength its pretty useless). It waste a large amount of stamina and usually leaves an opening for an opponent to attack. Most of the time it will miss the target completely.
  • The running + R1 is one of it's finer qualities. The idea is to knock the other person down and wait until he/she gets up. This is the time to press R1 or another running + R1. Luck plays a role if the swing lands a hit.
  • It's R2 is powerful yet slow and can be easily interrupted.

When Used Against
Extra-Large Sword users are predictable in their attack pattern. What isn't predictable is if the attack lands a hit or not. A person can still be hit even if he/she rolls away. This is where the Great Sword reach fruition. There bad are some users of the Extra-Large Sword category that don't lock on their opponent. Always remember that a Great Sword's attack takes up alot of stamina; more so than the Great Axe.

Knight Sword

A very versatile weapon. Damage isn't that great but enough to be a threat. Part of the Straight Sword class, it has the option of being wielded one-handed or two-handed.


When Using

  • Attacking while two-handing it can stun-lock an opponent. This is very useful because each swing contributes little usage of stamina. At full stamina, the damage really adds up and it can knock an opponent into activating Second Chance. Equip it with Morion Blade and you got yourself a dangerous weapon.
  • One-handing the Knight Sword lowers it's attack optimization but heightens it's defensive capabilities. The swings are quick but its no replica of the Blueblood sword. Using a shield is the only reason to one-hand the Knight Sword. Its too risky to fight against a Light Blueblood Sword or a Cursed Dragon Bone Smasher. Always roll, wait, and block. One stun-lock from the enchanted Blueblood Sword and its all over. More of a different story when it isn't enchanted. No reason to give your opponent an edge. Wait until the odds are even or more so in your favor.

When Used Against
The Knight Sword should be treated like an un-enchanted Blueblood Sword. Single hits isn't a big deal until you're caught in a stun-lock. The only time its a big threat is when hyper mode activates.


The Claymore is the jack-of-all-trades. Damage/range/speed/stamina cost are good; great belongs to the Great weapons. It has long range similar to the Great Sword. Its swing stun-locks(not always and rarely does) like the knight sword. Its roll + R1 is a reminiscent of the Great Sword one-hand roll + R1. No knockdown for this weapon unfortunately.


When Using

  • Its R1 + R1 + R1 swings have a really long reach. At 40 endurance, a person can pull off 4 swings. Each does about 350-400 per swing. This attack only stun-locks when the opponent is close. Ironic for a weapon that prides itself on range yet only when the target is close does it reach its full potential.
  • Using the Claymore's R2 isn't a necessity. The swing is quick and powerful but it doesn't do an area sweep like the R1. The reason to use the R1 mainly is because it can still damage an enemy if he/she rolls away.
  • This is also true about the rolling + R1. The only downfall is lag backstabs.

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