MC+DBS+Faith Build (SL 127-141)
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Build summary A build designed with offense and defense in mind. Good damage, great versatility, and lots of magic defense.
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight (female has certain advantages over male)
Recommended Soul Level **

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40-50
Will/Intelligence 18
Endurance 40
Strength 30 (26)
Dexterity 30 (34)
Magic 6
Faith 40 (36)
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Morion Blade
Adjudicator's Shield+5
Dark Silver Shield+5
Purple Flame/Steel/Knight's Shield+10

Talisman of Beasts

Meat Cleaver (460 base damage with 30Str-Dex and 40Fth, buff with SWS/BT/CW)
DBS+5 (a great alternative since you can already use it effectively, sacrifice armor)
Blessed/Quality Great Sword+5 (awesome dmg, but slow)
Blessed/Quality Great Axe+5 (blessed ~540 base damage, same moveset as MC, great damage, short range)

Hiltless+5 (another good option)
Fatal Secret Dagger/Estoc/Winged Spear+5
Sharp Secret Dagger/Broadsword/Flamberge/Estoc/Winged Spear/Uchigatana/Kilij+5 (Quality might be better, but I haven't forged these)
Magic Sword Makoto (upgrade to +5 for 300 damage and 600 bleed)
Blessed/Quality Mirdan Hammer+5 (great stunlock and tracking, but a noob stick in all honesty)
Blessed/Quality Guillotine Axe+5 (2H, great for short range, deals a lot of direct hits)
Blessed/Quality Knight Sword+5 (great stunlock, but a little unreliable in some cases)
Blessed/Quality Claymore+5 (great overall, need to compensate for weight though and watch out for backstabs)
Storm Ruler (use for knockdown to heal/rebuff SC)
Sticky Compound Longbow+5 (PvE only, unless you can make it work in PvP)
Northern Regalia (12 MAG req'd, an excellent backup/riposte weapon)

Ancient King's set/ Binded set (as much as possible)
Black Leather set/ Rogue set (just enough to enable rolling, although you will likely need more if you use the DBS, a heavy backup weapon, or the berserker combo of makoto/morion)

Regenerator's Ring (body, but not highly rec'd)
Clever Rat's Ring (usually body, but good for invading)
Dull Rat's Ring (body)
Eternal Warrior's Ring (always good)
Cling Ring (soul, not to be used as an all-out berserker)
Foe's/ Friend's Ring (incredible when used with CRR and morion) <—almost always for invading/co-op
Ring of Magical Dullness (body, my go-to)

Recommended spells/miracles

Curse weapon (YES!! Unless you choose a blessed weapon as your main)
Warding (may use sticky white stuff and black turpentine to buff) + miscellaneous (poison cloud, acid cloud, enchant weapon, etc.)
Death cloud + poison cloud (cripple stamina/grass addicts) <—Play like a Faith build

Second Chance (almost always for PvP)
*Anti-Magic Field* (disables use of curse weapon/warding/SC. Only to be used in special situations)
*Evacuate* (PvE only, but can be used as a great indicator of when you are about to be invaded as it goes dark in the active spell/miracle slot in your attack menu. Equip shard of archstone for the same effect for the extra miracle slot)
*Cure* (useful if you are plagued and send your opponent flying)
Recover (enjoy the effect of a new moon grass without the grass, even with broken ToB; use with knockback from Storm Ruler)

Gameplay tips and progression

If you hadn't already noticed, this is a VERY versatile build that can use the Meat Cleaver, DBS, Dex-based weapons, and blessed weapons to great effect. It should be noted that this build is VERY effective below SL 80 with proper stat distribution, but if your goal is to play with the big boys and girls, good luck! Your "broken ToB" means only -1HP/sec with Curse weapon. You should almost always 2H wield with this build, but you may use 1H R1 to get you out of a tight spot when necessary. Storm Ruler is much more reliable though… In order to initially learn spells, you need 10 MAG and 10 INT for a spellslot. Once you have learned them and have taken full advantage of poison cloud for particularly tough enemies, delevel back to SL 4, but be wary that you will lose all levels gained since you lose a point from each stat until default is reached. VIT is permanent and strength is resistant to deleveling until it is the last one to go, so make sure your SL is still low enough to delevel in a timely manner. Once that's done, you are well on your way to beginning a build that is as fun as it is effective.

First, some options to consider:

1) sacrifice curse weapon by lowering your INT stat and using Silver Coronet to compensate for lessened MP, just enough so that you may use Second Chance. (definitely not recommended if you want to use the Cleaver/ Dex-weapons/Str-weapons)
2) lower faith down to 2 miracle slots and place those extra points in VIT and/or DEX. But you eliminate the effective use of blessed weapons :/ You will still be a beast, but far less threatening and more grass and spice-dependent. You will also make your damage output almost purely physical, which is useless in the face of warding.
3) Turn this build into a Pure Faith build by reducing DEX to 12, STR to 26, and increasing FTH/VIT appropriately. Although you cannot use DEX weapons and slightly reduced your effectiveness with STR weapons, your character will be even harder to kill.
4) Deduct points from FTH/VIT/INT and add them to MAG to use light weapon instead of CW. MAG should not exceed 30. You lose your ability as a FTH build (-_-), but you now have a modest portion of magic to throw around.
5) Lower STR to 26 and raise DEX to 34 to possibly deal a little more damage with the MC, and more with Quality weapons and DEX weapons. Damage for the DBS doesn't go down significantly and you may only use it 2H, but the MC may outdamage it with this setup anyway.
6) Up Mag to 17 and reduce dex for the option to switch between light and curse weapon (LW is still impressive with the iCat), but they cannot be equipped at the same time :( I prefer this setup the most because it is quite powerful in either case.

1) increase MAG and INT to 10 right away and learn every spell you can. Don't keep leveling if you can do without, store "stock" souls with Thomas. Until you delevel, spend your souls on miracles, spells, and ore. Level VIT a little if necessary.
2) pick up the blessed mace from 5-1 and beat the leachmonger. You may also grab the Mirdan Hammer from the beginning of 3-2 beneath the shortcut bridge if you wish to forge that blessed weapon early.
3) Free Sage Freke from 3-1 and learn poison cloud.
4) Kill King Doran/Miralda (recommend using poison cloud as the melee damage you deal will be almost nil with Doran's HP regen, but Miralda proves a less formidable foe)
5) beat 1-2 and learn warding
6) Recommended: beat all of world 5 and learn death cloud, it is WELL worth it.
7) Delevel in 1-2 or 3-1 by invading and leaving with the white eye stone until MAG=6, then re-level with all of the souls you stocked (including the small flame scale if you used poison cloud on the gold dragon before deleveling) so that you have 18 STR, 18 INT, and 16 FTH. Until you get CW, use enchant weapon (I prefer getting LW before CW) with the wooden catalyst.
6) grab the Adjudicator's shield from 4-1, then proceed to beat the level (note: there is a useful shortcut that takes you straight from Vanguard to the final area before ADJ; use the ladder in the structure by VAN, go to the wooden-plank-bridge, roll off the edge to the wall below, then fall into the area below that and viola! easiest level to complete in the game)
7) beat all of world 2, grab a club/great club, and make the MC
8) beat 1-3, grab the ring of iron keys and minister's hat from 1-4, free Biorr and grab the bloody iron key, free Yuria and memorize warding, beat the Penetrator into submission (difficult, but it becomes easy with the distraction Biorr provides, warding, and a decent weapon buff on MC)
9) learn curse weapon (or Light weapon first if you want a little more power until you reach higher SL's)
10) From there, i would personally work on getting FTH, END, and VIT up. Enchant weapon adds about 100 dmg per hit with the wooden catalyst and is a good go-to until you get a lot of SWS, BT, and the ToB for curse weapon. Normally, i save DEX for last since you will probably focus on your blessed weapons for the first part of the game, but increase it earlier if you use a bow a lot. Until your VIT is high enough, use warding to stay alive. Make sure to get Morion blade and Clever Rat's ring by the time you have a SL of 60+.


1) Pound your enemies into the ground with 1-3 hit kills when berserked with Curse Weapon and MC (at SL 128, my BASE damage for the MC, after being berserked without buffs, is about 1100!! add curse weapon and foe's/friend's ring and you one-hit just about anything with a direct hit, ~400 dmg for whatever comes close) One thing to keep in mind though: the MC steals HP per hit, so if you are berserked, keep Makoto around to compensate, usually behind MC since that is most convenient. 1v1 is a good opportunity to parry, your damage will ALWAYS break their second chance or may outright kill them through warding, but any mistake=instant death for you.
2) Use your maxed out regen to simply outlast your opponent while devastating them with your blessed weapon whenever they get too close (though more often than not, you will be running after them for a sweet backstab). Death cloud is amazing in this situation, especially when combined with the bleed and poison from Makoto+5 and MercUchi+5/ Poison cloud.
3) Utilize your cursed Hiltless/favorite sharp weapon/tearing weapon to punish like a good DEX build should.
4) Parry-riposte or backstab with your Fatal weapons and play like a ninja ^_^ Make sure you have perfect stealth for this though before you attempt it.
5) Choose your favorite primary weapon with proper buffs/clouds, equip Storm Ruler as your backup weapon, and use it's knockdown effect to its full advantage. Equipped with clouds, recovery, and second chance, you can be VERY hard to kill.
6) Figure something else out and let me know :)
7) My strategy: use the MC until the buff runs out, then switch to NR and try to parry (reminder: req's 12mag).

A final note: sorry for the extensive detail i've listed for this build, i wanted to lay out as many options and explanations as i could. Happy hunting!


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