SL 125 Hyper Mode strength build
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Build summary Easy to make strength-based build that uses the power of Hyper-Mode items and stat-boosting magic to plow through opponents.
Recommended starting class(es) Knight, Knight, Knight and maybe the Knight.
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 45
Will/Intelligence 30
Endurance 40
Strength 50
Dexterity 12
Magic **
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Right Hand weapons:

Primary weapons:

-Dragon Bone Smasher
-Great sword.
-Great Axe.
-Mirdan Hammer.

Secondary weapons:

-Guillotine Axe.
-Knight's sword.
-Baby's nail.
-Morning star.

Left Hand weapons:

-Morion Blade.
-Talisman of Beasts.

You might be asking yourself "why use these aitems if you don't meet the stat requirements for them?"

Well, in this one case, not meeting those requirements actually works for you. The spells you will be using in this build don't stack with the magic stat and their effects are not reduced if you use the talisman of beasts without those stats.

But there is one nifty little thing going for you: Cursed weapon only takes away 1 HP per second instead of 1% of your HP per second if you cast it withut the stat requirements, so you can live a lot longer.


Anything that still nets you the ability to roll. Using heavier weapons like the DBS will probably mean that you will only be using the Black Leather set, whereas using lighter weapons gives you more space for creativity. If you decide to use lighter weapons, then I recommend that you wear armour that increases your magic and fire defense.

Also, if you don't mind using one of your ring slots for the Ring of Great Strength, then go for it. As long as you use it when in body form or if you believe you are great at rolling when in Soul Form, then it wouldn't cause troubles with this build.


Body form:

-Dull Rat's ring (ALWAYS keep it.)
-Clever Rat's ring/Eternal Warrior's Ring/Ring of great strength.

Clever Rat's ring if you wish to give secondary weapons an offensive boost that makes them as capable of killing opponents in one hit as the big weapons.

Eternal Warrior's ring if you use big weapons and want a faster attack speed.

Ring of Great Strength if you want to use slightly heavier armour and still be able to roll with it.

Soul form:

-Dull Rat's ring.
-Cling Ring.

Recommended spells/miracles


-Cursed Weapon.



Gameplay tips and progression


If you are experienced in thsi game, then you may have already tried this build, or at least found a few people with similar gameplay styles.

Anyway, this character is meant to be a Mighty Glacier type that uses Hyper mode items to increase it's defensive and offensive power, but still has access to support spells that keeping from relying on hyper mode all the time and make it a lot more flexible and, most important of all, safe to use.

General tips regardless of your weapon of choice are:

1) Having a good defense at all times. ALWAYS cast warding before Cursed Weapon. It is much more important to outlast your enemy and survive that one attack that will trigger your hyper mode.

2) Overkill is fun, but it is not necessarily useful. If you have triggered Hyper Mode, why bother casting Cursed Weapon when the Morion Blade already gives you more than enough power to plow through enemies and doesn't leave you open to attacks? Only cast Cursed weapon when you are not in Hyper Mode.

3) LEARN TO MOVE. This is not a build based around shielding. If you want to use this build properly, then you must quckly accept the fact that you HAVE to dodge and outmaneuver attacks.

4) Keep the pressure and stay unpredictable. If there are two things that this build is good at, it's at putting your opponent in tight situations. Wide arcs, attacks that oblierate shields, some status effects, superarmoured attacks and long range help to achieve this. If you see that the opponent is running away, FOLLOW HIM AND FINISH HIM OFF.

Weapons overview:



This should be one of the most obvious weapons to use if you are going for a strength build. Amazing range, incredible base damage and a decent bonus makes this weapon a very dangerous one for PvP, and one that will kill most if not all Soul-Form-opponents in a single hit, and leave Body form players in critical state. Add to this some surprisingly swift attacks, added fire defense, super armour and wide arcs and you got yourself a great weapon in your hands.

But this is offset by a glaring weakness: it is incredibly heavy. You WILL be forced to use the Black Leather set if you go for the DBS, making you a lot flimsier than usual. So you shouldn't be using this weapon unless you are incredibly good at rolling and dodging.


This is, as I like to call it, the DBS lite. By using this weapon, you lose the added fire defense, some range and quite some power, but you will be able to use better armour. Use this if you don't feel confident in your rolling skills. Use this weapon as you would the DBS.


The swing arcs of this weapon are ridiculous. Enough said about that. Add to that a very versatile moveset that mixes quick attacks with devastating one-hitters and you got yourself a great weapon. This is a balanced weapon with no glaring weaknesses. The weight is right, the power is right, the range is right and the coolness factor is right.


OH BOY. Where do I start? Superarmour on standard attack? Check. AoE rolling attack? Check. Ability to smash most shields in a single hit? Check. One of the highest damage weapons in the game? Check. Surprisingly low stamina used in some attacks? Check.

This one is an great weapon to have. It does have a slight range problem, but that is nothing good timing with good-old superarmour won't solve.


The reason why you should add 2 SLs to DEX.

First things first: non-blessed Mirdan Hammer loses quite some of it's effectiveness in battle, because of the lack of magical damage. But that doesn't mean you can't kick ass with a crushing one.

R1 is your friend with this weapon. Learn how to catch opponents off-guard with it, and you will most likely end up killing them if you connect. Rolling and Running attacks come fast and have quite a wide arc. Use them if you can't seem to get a clean hit on a swift oppoent. Finally, your R2 attack gives you superarmour, so you won't flinch if the opponent hits you mid-attack. Another issue of note it's the Mirdan's Hammer added stamina drain to shielded opponents, meaning you will most likely break their guards if they try shielding.

So use a combination of all of these to keep a pressure on your opponent and you should come out victorious.



Difficult to get, but the payoff its amazing. Simply put, this weapons stunlocks, deals incredible damage, destroys shields and all of it's attacks are very, very fast. Plus, wide arc on some of it's attacks. If you learn to use this weapon, you are set for life. Use this when your slow primary weapons just can't seem to hit nimbe opponents. The change of pace should catch them off-guard, which is lethal when dealing with this weapon.


Think Guillotine axe, but slower and slightly less powerful. If you don't feel like going for the axe, or you are more familiar with sword's fighting style, then you should give it a try.


Use this for mindgames. Use this weapon along with the usualy slower main weapons to catch them off-guard, and when you get the chance try to infect them with this weapon. This will usualy make the opponent try to run away to heal themselves, and this is when you try to keep the pressure or go for the kill. This works especialy well with the Mirdan Hammer.


Think of this as a Guillotine Axe/Baby's Nail combo. If you want a standard weapon that also happens to have a chance of inflicting negative status effects on your enemy, then this is your weapon. I would still rather go for the real deal though.

The reasoning behind the left hand weapons should be obvious enough.

PvP tips:

-Mages: Circle strafing is your friend if you want to survive the ones that use Soul Ray/Homing Soul arrow. (AKA your weaksauce weakness) Also, be on the lookout for Firestorm and whenever you see them approaching you, you can either go for a quick dashing attack to catch them offguard, or roll away while backing away from them.

That said, these guys aren't known for being the toughest guys of the bunch, so if they are in soul form, you should kill them in a single hit, even without buffs. If they are in body form, a few good boosted hits should bring them down.

-Faith builds: These guys can be a pain if you don't know how to deal with them properly. First of all, Baby's Nail is your friend here if you want to severely reduce their healing capabilities. Also, always use fast weapons agaist these guys because they will be back on their feet if you can't keep up with the pressure.

-BBS user: Most fun match-up I have experienced, simply because of the fact that it is a one-hit kill duel. Simply put, whoever gets the first hit wins. I would recommend using stunlocking attacks against these guys, just in case they used second chance.

-Against other Strength builds: keep your guard up when they use Curse weapon and try your best to not be on the receiving end of one of their attacks. Instead, be on a constant retreat when playing these guys, try to bait their attacks and then attack with one of your own.

-Against Katana users: If you use a weapon with a wide arc, then this shouldn't be too difficult. Use weapons with stunlocks or One-Hit killing attacks. Also, keep in mind that Warding and Dull Rat's ring should allow you to survive one of their stunlocks, so try not to get too nervous when fighting them.

And this is all. Hope some of you find this build useful and fun. It sure was for me.


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