Pure Knight
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Build summary Faith Build
Recommended starting class(es) Preist (Male)
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence 30
Endurance 40
Strength 30
Dexterity 15
Magic **
Faith 70
Luck 90
Recommended equipment

Vitality: 50
Having a high vitality gives you more health. More health means that the Pure Knights massive Regen will be insanely more impressive.
Intelligence: 30
Not for the spells, a high intelligence allows you to cast Second Chance multiple times without using any MP regen potions.
Endurance: 40
You want to be able to wield whatever weapon you choose + your armor + the regen shield and still speed roll. This endurance is set for the great sword and the LSoS. The important thing is that you can still roll.
Strength: 30
You want to be able to use any weapon that can be blessed. Even though you only need 26, it's nice to have a little more of a damage stat bonus even if it is minor. Even a meager 5 more damage can mean life or death.
Dexterity: 15
This is only if you want to use the blessed Miridain Hammer + 5 or Blessed Halberd + 5. If you don't want to use either no need to upgraded it unless you got some pointless extra souls.
Magic: 8 (Unchanged)
Magic is pointless in this build again that is unless you have extra souls and want to add some evening to your char. Even then don't go over 15, it's not required.
Faith: 70
This is a faith build after all
Luck: 90 (drop to 30 when done if you want)
This is only temporary drop it when you have all the faint stone you need to get the blessed weapon you want at + 5. I'm a perfectionist so I won't drop this rating but that is definitely an option. Even with this high of a luck I would still use the LSoS if you want to get more faintstone and hardstone faster. All the weapons that can take the blessed path requir hardstone not sharpstone, so spend your sharpstone however you want.
Armor: Saint's Armor Set. It's light weight. Has decent stats. Very faithy :). This armor can be recieved in 5-1 as a treasure. I think it's right after the first fog gate if you go across the bridge and turn right. There will be a depraved one with a fire halberd there. Kill him and continue forward to get Saint's Armor. Or right before you go fight the last boss, before you talk to the maiden in black and she takes you below the nexus, equip the miracles you want to use and kill Saint Urbain and his Followers. This will drop soul tendency. Soul and world tendency carry over in NG+ I think so if you are absolutely pure of heart get it the other way.
Weapon: Talisman of God. Thats self explainatory. This build = faith build. :)
Any weapon that can follow the blessed path. Get it at + 5.
Large Sword of Searching. This will help get faintstone. It really does help. It's not a great weapon by itself but you can off hand it as L 1. You can two hand your primary (R 1) and it will still have effect.
Shield: Adjudicator Shield + 5. This greatly helps in staying alive for longer. Don't spend your colorless souls or give your Red Hot Demon's Soul to Ed until you have 5 colorless souls and the weapon you are going to shift into the LSoS. It could be a while but if you use the Red Hot Demon's Soul then relize that you wont have enough Colorless souls to get to + 5 or enough ore to get high enough to shift your weapon into the LSoS until NG + then you would have just wasted the souls of the most annoying boss in the whole game. Yeah i had friends that had that happen to them. It turned out okay but i had to step in. You can two hand primary weapon with this shield out and still get healed.
Rings: Regenerator's Ring. This will also help you stay alive. If you have the blessed weapon + 5, the adjudicator's shield + 5, and this ring you will regenerate 18hp/sec. Thats fast. If your vitality is 50 thats faster then the makoto drains your health and in 3 seconds will completely heal you after hitting with the Hiltless.
Any ring you like. I use the friend's ring becuase I mostly help other people with this class. Have 4445 multiplayer sessions 78% S 10 % A 12% B. All with this class so it can hold up to some of the bigshots. I also have 138 BP kills. Thats right we counted. I have no life. :|. Ring of avarice can help getting all the souls needed to be SL 193 to 253. Sometimes when I feel like destroying something beutiful (fight club reference) I will use foes ring. Thats ussually as soon as I get home I will invade 5 times, maybe do some soul/colorless soul farming. I kill myself I don't die often while using this build.

Recommended spells/miracles

Miracles: Second Chance. Best miracle ever. I would get LSoS on playthrough one if you can. If you can then get this.
God's Wrath. We all know we have been outnumber before. With this you won't be.
Banish. If you really don't want to be invade at the time. We all know how annoying constantly being invaded can be.
Evacuate. Farming souls is fun kids. Use evacuate to do it.
Cure. It takes away all status ailments. Awesome.
Spells (Optional): Relief. I am nice i use relief on people that are Blue Phantoms helping me.
Soulsucker. Eat it you damn dirty BP.

Consumables: Old Spice (as many as you got.)
Full moon grass. (Sometimes even 18hp/sec regen isn't enough.)
Soul Remains. Who doesn't like a distracted enemy.
Kunai or Hidden Throwing Dagger. If you are fighting another player and he fleas to heal throw some of these at him to close space and prevent them from healing.
Augite of Guidance. It like to set one where ever I kill a BP or kill a host or Phantom as the BP. It's preatty and nice to honor a death. Nobody sets one where I die. :(. So not cool.
Blue Eye Stone. To help others in need.

Gameplay tips and progression

I would do 5-1 right after you finish 1-1 to get Saint's armor Set and a Blessed Mace + 1. You don't have to complete 5-1 just get those two things. Go do 2-1 after your done to get more souls. Then spend your souls on Vitality and Strength first. Try and get strength up as high as you need to use any blessed weapon out there. Continue playing in the Stone Fang tunnel to get enough souls to get your total hp up to 700 at least and your strength up to 20 and you luck at 20 minimum. You might have to farm a little bit in 2-2. Take the long way through 2-2. After you get your strength and vitality high enough go do 4-1 to get the adjudicator's shield and regenerator's ring. Trade the talisman of god that is behind the tree near the first fog gate to Sparkley. He will give you a colorless demon's soul. Go back to 1-1 and kick Miralda's ass and get the colorless demon's soul on the beam. Be careful. It is very easy to fatal fall here. Line everything up as perfectly as possible. Go do 3-X until you knock down the heart in 3-2. Go down to the bottom where you find the ring of avarice and the gold mask. Go back to Sparkley and trade the gold mask to him. That will give you your 3rd colorless demon's soul. Go back to 2-1. Upgrade a weapon that you found in 4-1 (the filij or the uchigatana) until you can shift it into the Large Sword of Searching (should be at + 8). Talk to Ed until he's said everything he will say. Back off then talk to him again and he will ask for the Red Hot Demon's Soul you got from 2-2. Give it to him then upgrade your weapon from 4-1 into the Large Sword of Searching. Then start to upgrade the weapon you are going to make Blessed + 5. All the weapons that can become blessed use hard stone. You only want it at + 6. Any higher and you can't bless it. Then equip the LSoS and go farm Faintstone in 5-X. You find the Most in 5-2. You can get a pure faintstone in 5-2 or 5-3 from the crystal geckos. You can also talk to Saint Urbain's female follower and she will give you 2 or 3 stone of Ephemeral Eyes and a Pure Faintstone. Shards can be bought from the 5-1 and 5-2 merchant for 10,000 souls each. The Depraved Shamans drop chunks commonly. After you get your primary weapon at blessed + 5 play through the game in whatever order you want. In NG + I would recomended getting a different weapon up to blessed + 5 just to try it out to see if you like it. I have 11 blessed + 5 weapons my personal favorite is blessed great sword + 5 but that is one of the hardest blessed + 5 weapons to complete. All the ore amounts you need is riased a lot. You need 2 pure faintstones, 18 chunks of faint stone, and 44 shards of faintstone but it does hit heavy. Same with my blessed great Axe + 5. If you like range and speed I would recomend blessed miridain hammer + 5. If you like pure speed then I would recomend a blessed knight's sword + 5.

BTW. Try this build give constructive feedback. Don't be an ass. If you write something like worst build ever, or you should stop playing this game that was so bad. Your not cool. I won't read it and if I do you won't get a nice reply.


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