The Undying Wanderer
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Build summary Speed, Long Lives, and Fast Combo's
Recommended starting class(es) Wanderer (Gender Doesn't Matter)
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence 25
Endurance **
Strength 24
Dexterity 24
Magic 10
Faith 16
Luck 40
Recommended equipment

Vitality. At 50 vitality you have 1500 health. With 1500 health you can shrug off a combo attack from the flamelurker. Also the carry weight increase gained by lv'ing up vitality is nice.

Will/Intelligence. This doesn't have to be that high. You only need enough MP to cast Second Chance and Light Weapon without using any Old Spice's or New Spice's. You have 4 spell slots.

Endurance. Endurance is mainly used to increase carry weight. Though you get many great side effects from upgrading endurance, it isn't neccessary for this build. The points you use increasing endurance are better spent else where.

Strength. A high strength can really pay off. You hit harder. You can use more weapons. And it increases your physical damage.

Dexterity. This will allow you to use just about any weapon out there that requires a high dexterity.

Magic. The mages won't sell spells to you if you don't have magic 10+.

Faith. I imagine that the same rule applies to the Saint as The Sage but I don't know if it does so just to be safe go with 16. Also you need 2 miracle slots to use second chance.

Luck. I like my char's lucky. More drops good plague resistence.

Use the wanderers starting equipment. Add a Talisman of Beasts in there and take out the shield, you will be using twohands more then one hand and a shield. Don't use the talisman of god becuase none of the miracle/spells required have an attack power. They are support spells that keep you alive longer.

Rings: Ring of the Eternal Warrior
Grave Robber's Ring. (I find myself being invade constantly while using this build, could just be me but i would be safe.)

Recommended spells/miracles

Spells: Light Weapon. It uses 50 mp per cast. It is a stronger version of enchant weapon. It is obtained by trading the silver demon's soul to sage freke. It greatly increases damage done by the enchanted weapon so it is a decent spell. Not as powerful as curse weapon but it doesn't drain your health like curse weapon.

Death Cloud: This spell takes out those annoying enemies/players. Give 'em a dose of the plague. This Spell uses 30 mp. It's obtained by trading maiden astraea soul to sage freke.

Miracles: Second Chance. Obtained by trading the old hero's soul to saint urbain. This miracle uses 100 mp. This miracle is one of the best miracles there is in my opinion.

Gameplay tips and progression

Do stone fang tunnel right after 1-1 in order to get ores to upgrade the falchion that the wanderer starts with. By the time you leave stone fang tunnel you want your falchion at + 7 or at + 3. When upgrading the falchion take either the normal path or the quality path. I recomend the quality path but it can be harder.

After doing 2-x go to 3-1. You only have to fight the first mind flayer. Grab the keys behind him. Once you have the key go to the cell with the wizards clothes and the wooden catalyst. It should be the cell that is last in the first hallway your in the. The one you spawn in.

Buy enchant weapon then play through 4-1.

Go back and complete 3-1, don't forget to rescues sage freke.

Play through 1-2 through 1-3, don't forget to do the yuria side mission.

Get light weapon.

Go tank the world tendency of stonefang. When stonefang is pure black (note you need to return to the nexus for WT shifts to happen) drop down to where scirvir is in 2-2 kill him and get the talisman of beasts.

Go beat 4-2. Save Urbain.

Trade hero's soul to Urbain for second chance.

Finish the game.

Work on vitality and strength first. Once you have at least 750 health and 18 strength, start lv'ing up your magic to ten. Don't lv up faith until urbain is free.


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