Dex/ Magik Build
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Build summary A pretty solid build for both PVE and PVP
Recommended starting class(es) Ive started with both Royal and Magician. Both work equally well (this one based on Magician start
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 30
Will/Intelligence 24
Endurance 30
Strength 22
Dexterity 30
Magic 43
Faith 18
Luck 11
Recommended equipment

+5 Crescent Uchi (Right Hand)
+5 Kris (Left Hand *primary carry*)
+5 DSS (Left Hand)
+5 Sticky Compound Longbow (left Hand)
+5 Moon Spear (Right Hand)
+10 PFS (Left Hand *primary carry*)
ToB (Right Hand *primary carry*)
Lava Bow (use it for the first run through, then after building up my dex, I move to the Sticky ** do not use this on Maneater through the fog, he will run away if hit with it **)

Magical Sharpness, Cling and Graverobbers are what I use most.

Body- Binded (including gloves and boots)
Head- Silver Coronet (adds a bit more MP which comes in handy sometimes)

I mix and match alot depending on what Im doing at the moment but ALWAYS have the Kris and both shields on me at all times.

Both the +5 Moon Spear and +5 Crescent Uchi do approximately 375- 380 damage per strike with this high a magic level.

** Scraping spear ** I get invaded by so many BPs using it that I decided to carry it around with me sometimes when I blue. Been trying to build a +5 Dark PFS but that is way hard lol.

Recommended spells/miracles

Soul Ray
Homing Soul Ray
2nd Chance
Fire Spray

At the moment Im carrying Soul Ray, Fireball, 2nd Chance and Fire Spray.
I like to have INT up at 24 so I can carry Firestorm and Soul Ray at the same time, or I will bundle up with Homing Soul Arrow and Fireball. Add the Kris and ring of sharpness to the mix and all these spells do sweet damage. You can easily takes out old hero in one Firestorm casting if your placement is right.

Gameplay tips and progression

I built this up to lvl 128, for me they never seem finished until somewhere between 125- 130
You can adjust it to you liking. I like to run through 1.1 free and clear making the world white. Then make a run at the dragons treasure. Gather that up and then work/ farm the 1.2 area, gather up the winged spear and short bow and farm for sharpstones/ hardstones to get the spear up to +4 or +5. If using a royal you should be able to do this all while still at lvl 1 or what ever the base magician lvl is. Build up the shield to +4 or +5 at the same time then build up to (basically strong enough to use the spear and bow. It takes a little time but I think its worth it to be able to step out with some decent weapons.

Then go get Miraldas armor (Built using a female character). I found engaging her with Soul Arrow until MP is exhausted to be the best way to deal with her. Then use the spear and shield. From there I usually build up Vit/ Magik and Dex to minimum of 18s and Faith to 18 for ToB usage, Though lately I decided that was probably a waste of lvls and should just go ahead and use ToG for 2nd Chance

After that, what ever you want to build up works fine.
I do like to get the crescent uchi to +4 minimum before NG+, same with the Sticky bow.


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