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Build summary An even better version of Yurt!
Recommended starting class(es) Wanderer (the best), Royal (if you really like magic)
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40-50
Will/Intelligence 18-24
Endurance 40
Strength 24
Dexterity 30+
Magic 18-24
Faith 24
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Armor: Full Gloom
Rings: Thief (always) and another of your choice (maybe Great Strength if your End isn't high enough, or Fragrant if you like to rely on range spells)
R1: (Quality) War Scythe+5
R2: (Moon) Shotel+5
(Your L1 and L2 slots should remain empty unless you actually need extra weaponry for long range attacking and/or defense)
L1: Wood Catalyst/ToG (until you get ToB)
L1: (Sticky or Lava) Compound Longbow
L2: (Dark) Purple Flame Shield+6
L2: Parrying Dagger
L2: Adjudicator's Shield (just put it on your back when you 2hand your scythe for the HP regen)

Recommended spells/miracles

Most Needed Spells:
Soul Arrow (best starting spell)
Soul Ray (upgrade)
Soul Sucker (when you get it later on)
Cursed Weapon (for backstabbing and running away, this is way better than Enchanting)
Homing Soul Arrow (if you do get this, you won't need soul ray)

Most Needed Miracles:
Evacuate (perhaps your only miracle if you want it to be)
Second Chance (cast before every PvP)
Anti Magic Field (you can't have both Second Chance and Anti Magic, so chose one or the other, preferably the Second Chance, but it's your choice)

Maybe List of Spells:
Poison Cloud (don't bother investing in this if you can actually hold your own in a fight, b/c you'll already have a bunch of other tricks up your sleeve this spell won't even really matter)

Maybe List of Miracles:
God's Wrath (don't bother unless you want to turn this into a faith build)

Gameplay tips and progression

Just play your best in the beginning, learn how to dodge (you'll need it), how to parry, etc. Once you really start the game (i.e. once you beat phalanx and soul farmed a little), beat 1-1 a few more times for some drops, buy soul arrow and fresh spices, kill the tower knight in 1-2 with the wood catalyst you find at the first tower (the 1-2 boss is easy - just run past him, kill all archers, and shoot at the knight's head, using the sniper's perch for cover). By now, you would have soul farmed enough to boost up your End to the point where you can wear a little bit of armor, so buy a soldier's chest piece from the dredgling in 1-2: that ought to hold you over. Farm 4-1, kill the Adjudicator, free the graverobber (remember to use sticky white stuff, or some other form of strong enchantment to kill the two skeletons that will ambush you on the way to his cell), then buy arrows from the graverobber to add to the bow you found in 4-1 (this will be your bow for the rest of this build), farm 4-2 until you reach the above stats. Once you get close to what i posted, just beat 3-1, free Yurt in 3-2, kill him as soon as you release him, take his stuff. So, after going through everything, and farming 4-1 until you get the shotel, and 4-2 until you get the war scythe, you should be pretty much set. Good job; now your an assassin! Just remember to kill tough guys (i.e. skeletons) with the soul remains trick, always keep your thieving ring active, and put on your graverobbing ring when a BP invades; then you'll be unstoppable! (as long as you know when to run away)


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