Berserked Archer
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Build summary A relatively safe berserk class that does massive damage from a distance.
Recommended starting class(es) Wanderer
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 25
Will/Intelligence **
Endurance 15
Strength 16
Dexterity 50+
Magic **
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment
  • RH1: Sticky Compound Long Bow +5
  • RH2: Melee weapon of choice. Recommended to be Sharp (upgraded with bladestone)
  • LH1: Morion Blade
  • LH2: Shield of choice. Recommended with weight still allowing you to roll.
  • Head: Silver Coronet
  • Chest: Leather Armor
  • Arms: Leather Gloves
  • Legs: Hard Leather Boots
  • Soul Form Rings: Dull Rat's Ring / Cling Ring
  • Body Form Rings: Dull Rat's Ring / Clever Rat's Ring
Recommended spells/miracles

No spells "needed." If you would like, you could get an extra 4 Intelligence and 1 Magic for the use of Warding. This would help a lot in getting your health to 30%.

Gameplay tips and progression

This build mainly focuses on using your bow for maximum damage. If you keep your health below 30%, your damage will more than double (this is assuming you have both the Clever Rat's Ring and Morion Blade equipped). This build is more safe than other "berserk" builds due to the fact that you are using mainly a bow, therefor taking your opponent out from a distance.

How to: In these paragraphs, I will give you a detailed walk through of this class.
First off, you'll want to pick the wanderer class for your start. This is because the wanderer has the highest starting dexterity which is the main stat for this class. Okay, after you have defeated the Phalanx and spoken to The Monumental, increase your strength to 16. Use the remaining souls you have to put your endurance to 15. This will prepare you for the next step: acquiring your bow.

Head straight to The Shrine of Storms Part 1 or 4-1. This area may be a little bit tough with your falchion at this point, but bare with me. As soon as possible, fight your way to the crescent falchion. It will definitely not be your final melee weapon but it's nice for you this early in the game. Now, go get your compound long bow. Getting there safely will be noticeably easier. After you have this, you can choose to go back to the nexus or finish this level up and kill the Adjucator.

Now that you have returned to the nexus having exited 4-1 by running back or killing the demon, you're off to Stonefang Tunnel! By the way, in the meantime, use your soul levels towards pure dexterity, we're gonna get that bow good real soon! In 2-1(Stonefang Tunnel), your main goal is to gather spiderstones. These can be found after killing crystal geckos (especially the one that will try to run you into a large group of miners), finding them as one-time-treasures, or killing the unarmed miners. You can upgrade your bow at Blacksmith Ed with this, who is also in 2-1. The attack power may look like it's worse than just a regularly upgraded bow but it will give a much much higher boost from dexterity. Before you leave Stonefang Tunnel, i would recommend getting your bow to at least sticky +1 By the way, I would not recommend farming all of the needed spiderstones at once, it could likely cause death or serious injury from boredom. Farm them for a little while through out your play through.

You should be starting to do just Okay damage with your bow, seeing as it is scaling a little with your dexterity (assuming you don't have it +5 already). Now go to the Tower of Latria and do the entire first section. (WARNING: it is very important you do not die even once in body form. This will become important later.) Remember to grab the Clever Rat's Ring here too. After you kill the boss of 3-1, you may return to the nexus to get your levels as you like, ALL DEXTERITY (unless it's already 50). Now come back to the Fool's Idol Archstone. If you did not die in 3-1, at least in body form, you can head to the first tower of 3-2 where you kill the prisoner's holding the chain up with magic. Find the ascending stairs and follow them up. A wooden bridge will be here if you have pure white world tendency. Now follow the stairs after this bridge to the top of the tower where you will find some keys, 2F. Go back to 3-1 and free Lord Rydell with these. He will give you the Dull Rat's Ring. Return to the Nexus.

Hey, why not farm a few spiderstones?

The next part is quite easy to explain; complete all of the Shrine of Storms. Now you have the soul to create your Morion's Blade. But remember, you still have to go to 2-2 in order to defeat the flamelurker. Then use his soul to give to Blacksmith Ed and he will be able to create a Morion's Blade for you. If your bow is +5 your ranged is all set! Congratulations! If you stay below 30% HP, you should be doing about 900 damage per shot with regular arrows. As for your melee weapon, simple, get a weapon that can be upgraded with bladestone and fully upgrade it. One last thing, if you aren't at 50 dexterity yet but have a Morion's Blade and Clever Rat's Ring, get to 25 vitality immediately, this will help to keep you more safe while doing your berserk damage.

If you have any questions, please, feel free to ask them. I would be happy to answer them.


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