Myricae's Soul (SL 137)
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Build summary Upgraded Spellsword AND Pure Mage
Recommended starting class(es) Royalist
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 30
Will/Intelligence 40
Endurance 30
Strength 10
Dexterity 12
Magic 44
Faith 44
Luck 7
Recommended equipment


  • RH1: Moon Mirdan Hammer + 5 - 2 hand it (if you want to use Light weapon you need a dif weapon)
  • RH2: Kriss Blade +5 - for the 30% Spell Damage
  • LH1: Dark Silver Shield +5
  • LH2: Talisman Of Beasts

NOTE: Dark Silver Shields reduces your spell damage and give you magic defence
When in "Cast Mode" switch to talisman of beasts do whatever you need to then switch immediatly to darksilver to avoid getting insane damage from spells.


  • Old Spice
  • New Moon Grass
  • Dark Moon Grass
  • Royal Lotus
  • Widow's Lotus

*Old King's Armor OR Binded Set you need 30 END for this. light armor with highest def you can afford.
*Monk's Head Wrappings 30% more spell damage
*Body Form: Ring of Magical Sharpness+Ring Of Magical Nature
*Soul Form: Ring of Magical Nature + ( Foe's Ring/Friend's ring or Cling ring)

Personal preference: i rather use the foe/friend ring instead of cling ring.
More HP can save your life but more dmg can take that of your enemies :p

This is more like a crossroad and you could put it in this way:
Against magic users go cling and vs others go foe/friend.
this is because with all your equipments your magic defence will be lower and you will take more damage from these spell casters.
The 44 faith,Cling ring and Dark Silver Shield should help you dealing with their damage..
Always watch out for fire hits.

Recommended spells/miracles

Spell sets:

- Soul Ray, Fire Ball, Homing Soul Arrow, Ignite (Light weapon if you decide to use another weapon)

Those are my favorite spells

Soul Ray does good dmg , interrupts and is faster than fireball at doing that also it is really good for PVE to have both fire and magic damage since some mobs have high resistance to either 1 of those.

Homing Soul Arrow has many way to be used, i mostly cast it when i go into melee mode or when i run to heal myself but can be used for pretty much everything.
I dont like using it in ranged mode because if your target is just abit too far the arrows will fire anyway and they wont hit anything but your mana pool :|
Tho i love it to ambush ppl :P

FireBall is your main spell when you will want to kill from afar.
Note that this will be your ONLY spell that will do good dmg against high FAITH build in ranged mode.

Ignite is your life saver in the melee range if some1 is charging you, time it right and you will deal great damage, around 2x a fireball.

Light Weapon along with TOB and 44 magic+ faith will deal great damage.

having 44magic+faith makes TOB the best catalyst ever :D
More damage than insanity and more MP.

Cast it when you want to melee them , dont waste mana points if you aint planning on rushing them and melee them down.


- Second Chance

You have 6 Slots there.
2 used by Second chance that makes 4 left.
Use them as you feel like.

i personally recommend :

- Evacuate for farming
- Cure for PvE ( in pvp you wont waste 30 MP when you can use a lotus, and in PvE you would end up using too many lotuses specially in world 5 therefore you will want to have cure at hand )
- God's Wrath works great for the 2-2 Crystal Lizards nest.

Gameplay tips and progression

This will take a while to be fully ready but its worth it =)
Farm all the stones you need and you will get all you need in your first play.
To get more souls you want to increase your game level going to NG+ etc. etc.
That, or totaly change your gear and wear

-Silver bracelet 10% more souls
-Ring of avarice 20% more souls
-Thief Ring to sneak behind your enemy in a PBWT 4-3
-Soul Thirst spell to get 50% more souls
-Soul Sucker to kill your opponent and get 100% more souls.

this way and in that specific place you will get an insane amount of souls around 150.000 souls or more depends on NG level in less than 3 mins.

Evacuate is a must for fast farm unless you feel like running :P

To start up making this build end up the 1-1 kill phalanx to unlock other world .
After that rush to 4-1 and take the Crescent Falcion+1.
That weapon will make your life much easier untill you can get your hands over the mirdan hammer and make it a moon 1 =)

You can either focus on meleeing and then add the magic part or do the opposite and start as you would do with a pure mage.
that means if you decided for the initial melee way level up str to 10 ASAP and then max endurance to 30.
by then you should have gotten kriss blade and mirdan hammer from 2-1 and you should've cleared the world 2 to unlock penetrator in 1-3.
for the boss in 2-2 flamelurker i found out he tend to lose track of you if you stick in target mode behind the first column to the right he is basically on the other side of the column and after a while, if you have THIEF'S RING he will just walk away and you can lay 1 or 2 hits, this way he cant jump at you.
wear a fire resistence ring aswell, you get that in 1-2 under the red dragon or 2-2 near patches.
with time start increasing your will/intelligence to 18.
put your hands over the ToB in 2-2 PBWT.
kill penetrator and get light weapon.
at first it will be weak since your magic and faith will be low however in no time its damage will raise alot.
try to increase magic and faith at the same time ( i.e. 20 faith 20 magic / 21 faith 21 magic ETC.)

as for the magical start, increase int to 18 ASAP,
clear 1-1
do 3-1 to unlock freke, the mp potion shop, soul ray and the Ring of Magical Sharpness
then do as mentioned above, lurker-> penetrator.

This build will be really strong at SL 137 and as the tournament rules says 120-140 you should still be able to partecipate there :D

How to fight:

left arrow + right arrow +L1 + left arrow + right arrow + TRIANGLE

this way you switch from shield to catalyst and from mirdan to kriss, you can cast then again switch to shield and mirdan when done.
you will have mirdan hammer in 1 hand therefore you need to press TRIANGLE to 2h it =)
pretty simple and basic but a must.
If you have questions/doubs/complains or anything else just write there!
If you like this build RATE IT UP.
Let me know what you think =).
This should be pretty much all.

Thank You for your time , hope this guide helped you abit =)


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