Northern Regalia Z ( SL 120 )
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Build summary A Build based on Northern Regalia , and shields
Recommended starting class(es) Knight
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 78
Will/Intelligence 15
Endurance 40
Strength 22
Dexterity 14
Magic 12
Faith 12
Luck **
Recommended equipment


  • Northern Regalia
  • Catalyst


  • Purple Flame Shield
  • Dark Silver Shield



  • Eternal Warrior's Ring \ Clever Rat's Ring


  • Cling Ring \ Foe's Ring
  • Cling Ring \ Friend's Ring
Recommended spells/miracles
  • Warding
Gameplay tips and progression

Begin in offline mode .
Kill Ostrava asap , take the mausoleum key.
Kill Phalanx , your world tendency in Boletarian Palace will be pure white , if not wait untill kill the Tower Knight .
Go to the dragons nest in 1-1 ( with PW world tendency ) and take the Purple Flame Shield .
You have to Kill the Tower Knight , after that you have to save sage Freke in 3-1 ( upgrade your magic to 15 )
So now learn Warding , and go to 5-1 to kill leechmonger .
So now learn poison cloud , and go back to 1-1 , kill the Red Eyed Knight in front of the mausoleum door with poison cloud , and do the same with Old King Doran , pick up the Ancient King's armour set , the Eternal Warrior's ring and the Demon Brand ( upgrade you charachter stat to equip Demon Brand ) and equip that .
Equip The Ancient King's armour too .
Play as a Blue Phantom to get a Pure White Character Tendency.
So now the game will be very easy .
Now complete Valley Of Defilement , and take the Dark Silver Shield from Garl Vinland .
Use Warding with boss , and with the most dangerous enemies .
Use Poison Cloud to kill the Red Dragon .
When you kill wannabe allant , just pick up the Soul Brand , and use shard of archstone . Now you have all ingredients to forge the Northern Regalia ( Demonbrandt , Soulbrandt and False King Demon's Soul ) go to Blacksmith Ed in 2-2 and forge your Northern Regalia .
So go back to the Nexus , touch the archstone , and back to the endgame .
Don't forget to upgrade your Shields , you will need 5 Colorless Demon's soul for the Dark Silver Shield , and a lot of various Hard Stone for the Purple Flame Shield.


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