Insanity Mage
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Build summary (Gimmick) A high-intelligence mage that takes advantage of the Insanity Catalyst in order to hit as hard as possible (mainly PVE and co-op)
Recommended starting class(es) Magician, Royalty, Theif
Recommended Soul Level **

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 30
Will/Intelligence 60
Endurance 13
Strength 11
Dexterity 13
Magic 50-60
Faith 10-18
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Head: Monk's Head Collar
Ancient King's / Binded set for arms, legs, body.

RH1: Insanity Catalyst
RH2: Backup weapon (in case of Antimagic Field)
LH1: Heater Shield or Kris Blade +X
LH2: Talisman of God / Talisman of Beasts

Body form: Ring of Magical Sharpness, Thief's Ring / Ring of Avarice
Soul Form: Cling Ring, Ring of Magical Sharpness

Recommended spells/miracles

For Stonefang Tunnel: Warding, Soul Ray, Homing Soul Arrow, any other 1-slot spell
For Tower of Latria: Homing Soul Arrow, Soul Ray, Firestorm
For the other worlds: Warding, Soul Ray, Firestorm

Evacuate if you have 1 miracle slot
Second Chance or Banish if you have 2

If using Second Chance, swap out Warding for whatever other spells you like.
If using Warding, have Banish on hand instead of Second Chance.

Gameplay tips and progression

The Insanity Mage, as its name implies, revolves around the Insanity Catalyst. Every spell is cast at the greatest damage it can do for what its Magic stat is at the time. Pulling this build off requires two things: Good accuracy and a talent for NOT GETTING HIT. However, when done properly, the results are absolutely devastating.

The only thing this class has to fear is other casters - with the Monk's Head Collar and Ring of Magical Sharpness both equipped (and sometimes Kris Blade to boot), magic defense is extremely low. As a result, this build's biggest danger zone is the Tower of Latria - between the Fool's Idol, the Mindflayers (normal and BP), and the self-casting HSA from the Old Monk's Champion, the Insanity Mage is at his/her lowest chances of survival. Keeping equipment burden low enough to be able to roll around helps a lot (hence the increased Endurance), but pray you never get hit OR that you have Second Chance on if you do. It will hurt.

The 1/2-size MP bar is both a blessing and a curse. Yes, you have to eat spices more often to keep casting spells, but on the other hand Fresh Spice can reasonably restore your MP bar - 3, 4 doses at most. You can also take 1 Old Spice to restore half of it or more. It's still a good idea to have plenty of each on hand at any given time, of course.
The 60Int minimum is integral to this build. At 60, having the Insanity Catalyst equipped puts the wielder around 182MP - enough to cast one major spell and have enough to use lesser spells afterward. (There's a reason this is considered a gimmick build)

Playing the Build
Solo:When playing on your own, take your time traveling through the worlds. There are very few foes that you can't destroy before they come within melee distance, and there's HSA and Firestorm for those who close in. Just keep your MP up and enemies will fall left and right to your devastating spellpower.

Co-op is where this build truly shines. With someone else to keep the enemy occupied, you can spend less time dodging and more time tearing your foes apart. Unless your allies are casters as well, odds are you will be the main damaging force in the group. BP's also have a much harder time dodging your spells when they're focusing on the melee guy in front of them.

In PVP, the Insanity Mage is at a disadvantage due to the smaller MP bar. Every spell counts here, and that means you either have to get lucky or be very good at outsmarting the enemy. The best way for this build to fight other players is to let them think you've run out of MP when you actually have enough left to cast a spell that will knock them flat. Act like you're out (they'll believe it readily enough when they see the Insanity Catalyst in your hand), and when they close in for the strike hit them hard (unless they're pros, they will probably have an "OH @#$%" moment when they see you casting; make sure to take advantage of it if you see it). You can usually get them with a Soul Ray while they're standing up afterward, or you can use that time to eat a spice or two before combat resumes. Of course, waiting around a corner to hit them with HSA or Firestorm when they come for you is fun too.

This is obviously not the best PVP build, but it can hold its own.


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