The Silver Dragons SL124
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Build summary Crushing Strength from a fallen Temple Knight, Choose between Wrath and Iron
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence 18 (30)
Endurance 40
Strength 34 (41)
Dexterity **
Magic **
Faith 36 (16)
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Right Hand

  • Dragon Bone Smasher +5 (Main)
  • Crushing Claymore +5 (Main)
  • Blessed Iron Knuckles +5 (Altternate) (Wrath)
  • Blessed Knight's Sword +5 (Alternate) (Iron)
  • Blessed Great Sword +5 (Alternate) (Iron)

Left Hand

  • Adjudicator's Shield +5 (Iron)
  • Blessed Iron Knickles +5 (Wrath)
  • Talisman of God (For God's Wrath) (Wrath)
  • Catalyst/ToB (Iron or Wrath)


  • Regenerator's Ring
  • Ring of Magical Dullness
  • Eternal Warrior's Ring
  • Cling Ring + Friend/Foe Ring (Soul Form)
Recommended spells/miracles


  • Curse Weapon (Wrath)
  • Curse Weapon + Warding (Iron)
  • Warding + Poison/Acid Cloud


  • Second Chance + God's Wrath (Wrath)
  • Second Chance (Iron)
  • Evacuate (When Farming)
Gameplay tips and progression

Okay, this is the first build I decided to do on my own. I saw Ilkar's Faith Build and his comment about STR builds having higher base damage, but Faith builds having higher survivability, so I thought "Why not do both?"

The Silver Dragon lacks the sheer brute force of a STR build, but still hits pretty hard with Dragon Bone Smasher, or Crushing Claymore and Curse Weapon. Obviously, you're going to be using the DBS for a little while, unless you have enough Greystone that Scirvir's Pure will let you make the Claymore. For this reason, I'd prioritize getting up to at least 20 STR first, then maxing END to 40. Ignore VIT for now, yes, ignore it. PvP will come later, once you've gotten CW and SC, plus the stats to use them. By then your VIT should be at a PvE respectable 25 or so.

Once you have STR and END for the Dragon Bone Smasher, crank up your Intelligence to 15 (If you want Warding) or 18 (Curse Weapon or Warding+Cloud), then your faith to 16 (SC, enough said). After that, pour into Vitality until you reach 30. This should let you at least put up a respectable fight against any wayward Black Phantoms that come your way, as well as letting you one-shot almost every peon short of the Rock Worms and Bearbugs with the DBS in 2 hands.

Now, after you complete 1-1, you're going to want to farm 2-1's miners until you get that first Iron Knuckles set. Upgrade it to +6 as soon as possible, it'll be useful later. For now, go to 4-1 and loot it. The Crescent Falchion and Adjudicator's shield will serve you well.

Next, invite some friends and take Stonefang Tunnel by storm. Make sure you do your darndest not to die against Flamelurker too much, or the DBS will drop beyond your reach. If you pull it off without dying, the DBS is there, begging to be used against the Dragon God. Why not give it a test run?

After proving the legends correct, take the DBS to Scirvir and get your Pure Greystone. Make sure you can spare 10 units of weight, it's heavy!

Next, trade the spare Talisman of God to Sparkly the Crow to get a Colorless Demon Soul. Give Flamelurker's soul to Ed in 2-1 and upgrade DBS. If you can use it by now, head to 1-2.

Watch and revel as the puny hoplites fall before you! Even if you hit them head on their shields, they'll fold in one shot. Progress through the level, keeping your HP up with your minor regeneration and the grass you find. Once you get to Tower Knight, introduce him to your enormous friend. At 20 STR I was pulling 100 damage per shot…to his feet. A double-handed R2 did 1010 damage to his head, finishing him off in one fall.

Moving on…

You've already killed Dragon God, or should have, so you can proceed right to 1-3. Everything should still be biting the stone streets in one blow of your trusty DBS. If you feel like it, manipulate your World Tendencies and get the World 1 and World 2 Primeval Demons at this time. DBS+3 can one-shot Fat Ministers with its backstab, unbuffed.

After getting the Iron Ring of Keys and Official's Hat, rescue Biorr and Yuria. They're going to help you, whether they want to or not. Biorr will provide you with the diversion you need to put the hurt on Penetrator, and Yuria will gladly teach you Curse Weapon for his soul.

After this, it's pretty much up to you. You could storm the Valley of Defilement and get your Blessed Iron Knuckles +5, or farm up a serious amount of souls from 4-2, or even test yourself out against some unsuspecting Blues or Blacks.

Justification for Blessed Iron Knuckles:
At +5, they stack with the ring and give you 10 HP per second. while you could do better with the Adjudicator's shield, why give away the fact that you're regenerating HP right away? The fire-resist aura from DBS will overshadow your HP regen aura, hiding it from the other players. Iron Knuckles, from what I've seen, are usually going to be either crushing or Dragon in a STR build to disrupt and harass the foes. These little Blessed ones are going to sit on your belt unless your opponent whips out an Adjudicator's shield. Then one-hand your DBS and punch away with the knuckles. All this and you really shouldn't be eating anything from CW, even if you don't have the ToB.
Remeber, this is a fallen Temple Knight…so why shouldn't he/she use a bit of deception to further their quest for power?

Also, as per Ilkar's suggestion, you could go for 16 Faith and pour points into Intelligence to get both Warding and Curse Weapon. I had overlooked this entirely, so THANK YOU to Ilkar for pointing out this possibility.

As such, I posted the secondary stat spread in () and decided to call it "Iron" and the more agressive spread "Wrath."

With the Iron Silver Dragon you'll want to make good use of Curse Weapon at the right time to blow your enemies away, but at other times use the Faith Build's 18HP regen per second with the Blessed Greatsword +5 if you need to buy time, or the Knight's Sword for the finish. The damage will be much less than Wrath's but your survivability after Second Chance breaks is much higher.

Wrath Silver Dragon combines the high-faith high-damage for Blessed Iron Knuckles and the Curse Weapon for Dragon Bone Smasher. I've actually noticed that if I start out with DBS, most people throw up Warding. After that happens, switch to dual Iron Knuckles and punch away. As soon as warding drops, charge in and crush them with DBS. With 41 STR, you can one-hand the DBS for significant damage and still have your Iron Knuckles out to parry. If you pull it off, you can score an instant kill or at least crack someone's SC.

WSD is for the more thrill-seeking ones who don't care too much about defense, while ISD gives more leeway for mistakes. Choose whichever one is best for your playstyle.
I'm going to update this occasionally with weapons to watch out for.
1. Cursed Dozer Axe/Great Axe/Meat Cleaver - These guys will, if they withstand your first blow, absolutely crush you beneath them if you run DBS. Suggested plan of action - Break out the claymore or Knight's Sword and make use of hit-and-run tactics
2. Northern Regalia + Massive VIT - These guys will test your patience with their seemingly impossible to crack HP bar. Curse up a quick weapon and go to town, or blow them away with your Dragon's signature weapon.
END…for now

P.S. Ilkar, I swear that I'm gonna pull a triple KO with God's Wrath, just so that I can understand what it feels like.
This is my first build. What do you think?


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