Blueblood Sword Build
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Build summary a blueblood sword user made for maximum killng power
Recommended starting class(es) knight
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40
Will/Intelligence 15
Endurance 40
Strength 18
Dexterity 18
Magic 26
Faith 18
Luck 25
Recommended equipment

RH1: blueblood sword

RH2: talisman of god

LH1: Insanety catalyst

LH2: dark silver shield+5 or steel shield +10


soul form: cling ring and friends/foes ring

body form:clever rats ring and ethernal warriors ring


Head - Assassin's Hood
Chest - Ancient King's Breastplate
Arms/Hands - Ancient King's Gauntlets
Legs - Ancient King's Leggings


full moon grasses
dark moon grases
fresh spice
royal lotus
widow lotus

Recommended spells/miracles

spells: light weapon

miracles: second chance

Gameplay tips and progression

this build is just a basic blueblood sword build that uses the insanety catalyst to cast light weapon for a bigger boost than curse weapon.

here is the my math that tells me that light weapon gives a bigger boost than curse weapon on the blueblood sword.

after doing some research and testing I learned that light weapon dosen't scale much at all with your magic stat(scales enough to make a difference) what matters the most is the catalyst your using at 10 magic I was getting about 150 bonus damge with the ToB and i'm gussing I didn't try I would of gotten about a 200 boost from ICat so now that we know this lets go in a imagenary situation your bbs is getting 100 physical damage +100 and 100 magic + 100 for a total of 400 now if I were to cast curse weapon I would only get a 100 damage bonus since curse weapon only increses physical damage but if I where to cast light weapon with a magic of 10 and ToB I would get a 150 damage bonus so at 30 magic and insanety catalyst i'm guessing light weapon does quite a bit more than curse weapon to further this I did another test I went to 1-3 fought a fat mayor and gave him a single two handed strinke and then left came back but this time I used light weapon with 20 magic and insanety catalist and got about 210-220 more damage.

Stat explanation:

Vitality: at 40 is just enough to not get 1 hit killed and I can't spare anymore stats if you want higher vit you can take away from strengh and lowering it to 12 or lower magic to 18 since like I said the catatalyst is what matters most not the magic stat.

will: at 15 you mp is just high enough to cast light weapon with the insanety catalyst.

endurance: at 40 you get your full endurance bar to do a full combo

strength: 18 strength is the requirement for one handing the bbs

dexterity: at 18 you meet the requirement for the bbs

magic: at 26 you will get some more damage into your light weapon spell

faith: at 18 you meet the requirement for the bbs

luck: at 25 you get some extra damage into the bbs with out prejudicating the other stats.

Getting equipment:

I would recommend starting as knight but any starting class would do I would do 1-2, 4-1, 2-1 and 2-2 first before world 5 sinces I belive world to be harder than world 2 for now all the stats that you should be leveling are the requieremnt for the bbs once your done raise vit and end and remember to get the cresent falchion in 4-1 now that your done this you should have no trouble with world 5 once you make it to 5-3 I would recommend to kill garl vinland right there just so you need to come back later after you kill garl vinland just talk to astrea she will commit suicide and the boss fight is over now you should do 3-1 and save sage freke and then head to 1-3 kill the penetraitor with the help of bior it should be easy after killing the penetrator go to sake freke and learn light weapon use a woodern catalyst to cast for now now for the final piece off equipment the insanetty catalyst to get it you need to beat 3-2 and then finish off the old monk at 3-3 then go to boldwing and he will make your woonden catalyst into the insanety catalyst.

equipment explanation:

talismon of god: to be able to cast miracle second chance

blueblood sword: well to kill people with

dark silver shield/steel shield: the shields will help you more than the morion blade will beleive me.

Insanety catalyst: to get the most out of the light weapon spell

rings explanation soul form:

cling ring: to increse your hp to 75% of your body form

foes/friends ring: there damage increse works for magic and physical so the blueblood benefits from them well making them better than clevers rats.

rings body form:

ethernal warriors ring: since you no longer need cling ring I felt this ring would be most usefull.

clever rats ring: since both friends and foes ring dont work this was the closest substitute I could find.

armor explanation:

that amor set up is best I could find if you need lower weight equipment changing some parts to black leather will do the job and if your female just where the binded set.

Move set explanation:

one handed:

(this is copy and paste from ggdoom's build all credit for the move set stuff goes to him)

1H R1: This is your standard swing, because of lag and phantom range can hit even after they roll backwards once, use this to your advantage. This hit is also absurdly hard to roll BS while spamming it so don't be shy to abuse it every now and then.

1H R2: This hit is perfect to try when your opponent is getting up, it has relatively good lock on so you can try to aim it to hit after a roll. Alternatively, this can work sometimes as an unexpected attack. Do not try to use it head on though as it will more often than not result in you getting Backstabbed.

1H Running R1: This is perfect for poking and you will be getting most of your hits from this. You can time it to hit after a roll or to hit with the phantom range it has.

two handed:

2H R1: Great for following up combo, not so much for starting it. Generally ends up in you getting backstabbed if you do it recklessly.

2H R2: Great combo starter, has a wide arch and can get enemies caught relatively easily. This move is also THE best punishment for people who mindlessly try to BS you. Just hit them with this and combo them to death.

Honorable mention to the second hit of r2 when two handed, it works nice as a mixup.

2H running R2: This attack is not really that good, use it very sparringly since it is very slow and has horrible locking properties (Does not follow opponent). It does seem however to have some hyperarmor near the end of the attack. Even though it might be due to lag, it is useful sometimes regardless.

Hit after roll: This is basically the same 1H or 2H so I will treat them as one. While not a really good swipe, it is surprisingly useful because people rarely expect it.

Push: A really good starter in both 1H and 2H. With 2H you make them eat a combo, with 1H you get some neat extra damage on your swap.


It would make me happy if some one could PM with how this build preforms against other builds since im not good at writting stuff like that.

I got to give credit to ggdoom for his move set stuff and Ilkar who gave me the idea on how to make my builds page look.


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