LSoM Knight
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Build summary A low level faith based build highly focused on aquiring the LSoM.
Recommended starting class(es) Priest, Royal
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 15-20
Will/Intelligence 20
Endurance 20
Strength 26
Dexterity **
Magic 10
Faith 36
Luck **
Recommended equipment
  • Armor: combination of Black Leather and Gloom
  • right hand equip 1: +5 Large Sword of Moonlight
  • right hand equip 2: +5 blessed (Guillotine Axe or Knight Sword) or +5 Dragon Great Axe
  • left hand equip 1: Adjudicator shield or +5 dark Knight's shield
  • left hand equip 2: Talisman of god or Talisman of Beasts
  • ring 1: regenerator's ring
  • ring 2: thief's ring

I have done some comparisons between the blessed guillotine axe and knight sword. The only differences I found were that a +5 blessed Guillotine Axe does SLIGHTLY more damage than a +5 blessed Knight Sword, the Guillotine Axe also requires more chunks and splinters of faintstone. The Guillotine Axe does attack a little faster but the Knight Sword has more reach. I prefer the Knights Sword but the choice is up to you.

Recommended spells/miracles
  • Magic: Warding (total protection)
  • Miracles: God's Wrath (Rage of God), Evacuate
Gameplay tips and progression

Sorry but i'm going to have to postpone this because I had it all written out as a walkthrough but this site wouldn't let me save it so i had to restart.

First of all, I would like to say that I have the Asian version of the game and the only difference I have seen between it and the english version is the names of certain weapons and spells, so I will try to alter the names for the reader's convenience. Also, the listed stats above are just a foundation, not a maximum. So you are meant to lvl up in any way you see fit after those stats are reached.

Ok, skip the tutorial if you want, I personally don't care for it. Beat phalanx and spend ALL the souls from him to lvl faith, it will help you later.
Follow these steps to proceed through the game more smoothly:

  1. Retrieve the crushing battleaxe from 2-1
  2. Use crushing battleaxe to make your way to the crescent falcion in 4-1
  3. Use crescent falcion to make your way to the blessed mace in 5-1

Now armed with your blessed mace, you can take down the armor spider in close combat. Go to 2-1 (Stonefang) and summon anybody you see. Because of your semi-high level, you should get some decent phantoms. Proceed through 2-1 normally, not forgetting to activate the lift to Blacksmith Ed, and beat down the boss (armored spider) in close combat. After that, drop off anything you do not need at the storehouse in the nexus and level up. Go back to the armored spider archstone and make your way to the tunnels (picking up the Great Axe on the way). Navigate through the tunnels to find the +1 dragon Long Sword. (DO NOT level the long sword to +3 dragon, you will need those chucks of dragonstone) Go back to blacksmith Ed and lvl your Great Axe to a +1-3 Dragon Great Axe. Now make your way through the rest of 5-1 and kill the Leechmonger.

Now it is time to aquire some different armor. Go to 3-1 (Tower of Latria) and go about half way through the level. The only reason you are here is to find the wizard set, fluted set, and black leather set. Rearrange your weapons so that you have a blessed weapon, a shield, a talisman of god, and a dragon weapon. Then fill in the armor slots so that you can still roll. Go to 4-1 (Shrine of Storms) and get half way through the level to pickup the Adjudicators shield. Go back to the start and summon any phantoms you can find. If you can't find any, then go beat the Tower Knight and Fool's Idol, then come back to 4-1 and beat down the Adjudicator.

By now, your stats should be similar to these: Vit=12, Will=14, End=15, Str=20-26, Dex=unchanged, Mag=unchanged, Fth=24, Luck=unchanged
The important stats right now are the faith and strength so that you can use the Great Axe and LSoM. If your strength or faith are not this high, go soul farm at the grim reaper until they are.

To be continued….


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