You can't see me (SL 113-123)
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Build summary A high-dex ninja designed to rarely be seen and (even rarer) take a hit.
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight (male or female; ONLY if you want to be eligible for tournaments, see bottom of page!!)
Recommended Soul Level **

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 20-30
Will/Intelligence 24
Endurance 40
Strength 18
Dexterity 65
Magic 6
Faith 13
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Right 1:
-Fatal Secret Dagger/Estoc/Winged Spear+5

Right 2:
-Sharp, Tearing, or Mercury Uchigatana/ War Scythe+5
-Sharp Kilij/ Broadsword/ Flamberge/ Estoc/ Winged Spear+5
-Sharp Secret Dagger+5 (decent stunlock, surprising damage output, very quick)
-Sharp/Tearing Claws+5 (good stunlock, not as fast as the dagger, also good in the left hand for parries/abusing combos)
-Baby's Nail+5
-Sticky Compound Longbow+5
-Scraping Spear (but please don't, save it for jumpers and ONLY jumpers)
-Meat Cleaver (only if you like it as much as I do ^_^ 2H only)

Left 1:
-Talisman of Beasts

Left 2:
-Sharp/ Mercury/ Moon/ Tearing Uchigatana+5
-Sharp Spiked Shield+5/ Knight Shield+10/ Steel Shield+10 (knight's rec'd because of the ability to parry)
-Mercury Parrying Dagger+5 (if you wanna be fancy/need the ego-boost ;P )

-Silver Coronet (optional, useful for the increased MP, but not necessary)
-Black leather/ Rogue set/ Binded Set (any heavy armor INCLUDING the Ancient King's set will make a lot of noise in body form regardless of how you move. It doesn't matter in soul form so feel free to wear what you want as long as you can roll)

-Thief's Ring (black)
-Graverobber's Ring (blue/body)
-Foe's/ Friend's Ring (black/blue)
-Ronin's Ring (body)
-Ring of Great Strength (Body; only if you wanna wear a heavier armor that won't make clanking noises when you run. The torso pieces make noise, especially with adjacent metal gauntlets, leggings, or helmet)
-Master's Ring (Body; use with katana pushlock combo)

Recommended spells/miracles

-Cloak (ONLY PvE or invading, DO NOT use it against BP's!!)
-Poison Cloud/ Death Cloud/ Acid Cloud (again, to be used ONLY AGAINST jumpers)
-Soulsuck (only if you want to be cheap/greedy/mean after a backstab/riposte)
-Warding (PvE only)
-Curse Weapon (PvE, ruins stealth in PvP, so you won't need it unless you duel or enter a tournament; learn it anyway! It's a great asset in PvE)

-Hidden Soul (body/blue)
-Evacuate (PvE of course)
-Second Chance (you don't have the slots unless you up FTH, nullifies stealth, learn it anyway. Warding will be far more helpful against bosses)

-any grass you want (rec. Darkmoon to heal status effects)
-old/fresh spice <— not usually necessary but good to have around and spam clouds with
-any throwing dagger to keep them from healing/ aggravate them :)
-Royal lotus (just in case you need it, salvages your stealth)
-Widow's lotus (" ")
-Soldier's lotus (" ") <— You should never need this if you play correctly!!

Gameplay tips and progression

FIRST: You will have the most success invading with a SL of 115-125, the curve drops quite sharply past 130. I am 99% sure that thief's ring stacks with cloak and hidden soul with graverobber's ring. Use that extra stealth to your advantage!!
I recommend 119 as the optimal SL.

Please note that if you are summoned and expected to play 1v1 duels, your VIT is rather low… It is not recommended that you duel with this build unless you have more souls than you can spend on consumables. To actually stand a chance in such a battle, you will need the Cling Ring (and you will still die in 2 or 3 hits). The EASIEST setup is to use my tourney-worthy version at the bottom (basic Dex build) because it gives you far more survivability. Also, with katana pushlock, the only fatal weapons you can use to push are the dagger and spear. Estoc will not work, daggers are by far the most practical but VERY difficult to use compared to dual katanas.

Observe your enemies, take every backstab opportunity, and flaunt your invisibility. Simply circle them, staying out of their range of visibility, and strike when they have their back to you or are trying to heal. Clouds especially help in your escapes as well because most PvPers are afraid of them. Do NOT use aura-generating buffs such as the one from the dark silver shield or second chance, your stealth will be negated completely!! If you find yourself outnumbered when invading, stay hidden if possible and kill the blue phantom(s) first, one at a time. Divide and conquer strategies will win those battles. Also, I believe the Fatal Winged Spear does the most backstab/riposte damage, IMO that is very useful since you want to deal instant deathblows in PvP (that first backstab is your most valuable asset because it should almost always break second chance/kill them). After the first backstab, stunlocking them with a 2H spear combo works wonders, or with any of your sharp weapons FTW (2h estoc or kilij <3)

Things that NEGATE stealth:

-Silver Armlet
-All rings except Ronin's, Thief's (obv.), Graverobber's (obv.), Great Strength, Herculean Strength, Cling, Foe's/Friend's, Magical Nature, Devout Prayer, and Master's Ring
-Monk's Head Wrappings (only if YOU equipped them, not as a BP in the 3-x boss battle)
-Any health/mp regen
-DSS/Rune set
-Second chance (do without, it'll make you a better player anyway)
-Hyper mode
-Curse weapon/any Turpentine (still to be confirmed except for CW)

You have the option of staying far away with the exception of backstabs, or surprise them with a stunlock combo they literally won't see coming. It is not highly recommended that you use the Hiltless because when you strike, your HP bar is visible for a short period of time afterward and gives your position away (they will follow that little red bar right to you). However, if you think the damage bonus is significant enough compared to the sharp uchi, go for it. I personally use the sharp Estoc and kilij the most. With this DEX, your damage output will be quite high. Curse weapon, Makoto, and Turpentine/BT (again, still to be confirmed) will also do this to even greater degree, so keep that in mind. I recommend learning both light weapon and curse weapon in any case, they are very useful in PvE and give you options if you change your mind about the stat distribution.

To further amplify the per-hit effectiveness of this build, lower VIT (or even INT to 18 since you only use it for clouds/CW) and increase DEX. You won't get much more damage out of it, but you don't need significant HP if you are good at staying hidden and always surprise your enemy. You will want to mix it up in battle as well: vary the time between each attack so that you catch your opponent off guard at all times. Dodging when out of sight in body form will give you away, stick to running/strafing if they can't see you. Pure character tendency is a lifesaver in soul form because you lack CW. One last thing that can greatly aid you is to get your health low enough for hyper mode and keep morion blade behind the ToB. Pull it out when you can backstab and you will do incredible damage (but do not use CRR). You will ALWAYS kill them/crack their second chance, maybe even if they have warding. Heal and combo them when they get up so they can't heal.

Most of the game will prove easy because you can fight each monster individually and rip right through them with a buffed dagger+X (BT works wonders on the giant goblins in 5-x, enchant/light weapon work great against almost anything), the hiltless if you upgraded it anyway (like i did ^_^), or shoot from afar with a bow. Berserking is ESPECIALLY helpful with the distance fights in PvE.

To take this build into higher level PvP, focus on increasing VIT, INT if you want more spell slots, STR if you want to use the PFS (not rec'd) or the Meat Cleaver (viable since you already do quite a bit of damage with it), and possibly MAG to use Light Weapon since your damage increases from DEX are very small already. Or just keep playing like you have been at lower levels and do without weapon buffs.

Please note: you will probably NOT be able to use stealth in any tournaments, this build would be for standard PvP only… unless you mod this to fight like a basic DEX build, but then what's the point in that???

Tourney-worthy version=non-stealth -_-
SL 120

VIT 45
INT 18
END 40
STR 18
DEX 50
FTH 16

You won't do significantly less damage, you'll have an optimal SL, and you'll have a lot more HP.

ADVICE FOR NEWBIES: You will usually deal more than enough damage with fatal weapons to insta-kill/break SC. If you're wondering "why did i only do 400 damage with a BS?!" and their health went down to half, you broke their SC and you probably did way more than enough damage to take a full health bar. It just doesn't show the actual number you WOULD have dealt unless they survive without SC kicking in. Warding is problematic only if you play aggressively while they have it. Once it wears off, you can instakill them with a backstab. I do not recommend the cling ring, stealth is more important.

-Curse weapon
-Warding+Poison Cloud

-Second Chance

-Same minus Scraping Spear
*I, personally, would adjust my stats to use Northern Regalia because its damage output is very high for a non-buffing weapon. In addition, it does not compromise stealth!!


Armor: Whatever you want. Go with light armors until you gain a decent amount of experience, then you can choose whatever you want. DO NOT OVERBURDEN, you need to roll to stay competitive in PvP.


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