Strength Brute
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Build summary Smashes Opponets Bones in
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight or Any Decent starting Melee Class
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 51
Will/Intelligence 40
Endurance 40
Strength 50
Dexterity **
Magic **
Faith 16 or 18
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Weapon Right Hand
* Dragon Bone Smasher
* Any fast swinging weapon for when you need it ( I Suggest Large Sword of Searching)

Weapon Left Hand
* Talisman of Beasts
* Morion Blade

* (male) Anicent King
* (female) Binded Cross

If you need lighter armor so you can jump and move around easy use wizards cloths its light and has good stats to it but if u can equip better things then do it just make sure you can move easily and your happy with it.

* (Soul) Cling ring/Clever Rat's Ring or Friend or Foes Ring
* (Body) Clever Rat's Ring/Dull Rat's Ring

For obvious reason, you definitely need Cling Ring for the increased maximum HP whenever you're in soul form, be it a blue phantom or black phantom, else you wouldn't really be able to withstand much hits.

Clever Rat's Ring is amongst one of the most recommended choice of ring because it grants hyper-mode, meaning you have a 50% attack power increase when your HP is below 30%. It could easily turn the tide of battle against your opponent if you manage to connect your hits in this state. Can also be stacked with Morion Blade

The Friend's Ring or Foe's Ring can be considered a good choice for either blue phantom or black phantom respectively due to the passive 20% damage increase. Maybe you feel Morion Blade only is more than enough for hyper-mode or maybe you don't feel like relying on hyper-mode, you rather play the battle safely by keeping your HP as full as possible while preferring the constant damage increase.

In addition to Clever Rat's Ring while in body form, the Dull Rat's Ring can support nicely well with the hyper-mode. The latter activates in the same manner as the former when your HP is below 30% but instead grants you a 50% defense increase, making it somewhat harder for an opponent to finish you off.

Recommended spells/miracles

* Curse Weapons
Curse Weapon is the most commonly used spell for the strength-build. What it does is simply boost your weapon's physical damage by 50% for a minute, allowing you to dish out a hefty damage against your opponent. It does drain your HP 1% of your health every second for 60 seconds upon using this buff, therefore it is best to use a cracked (without meeting stats requirement) Talisman of Beasts to lessen the draining effect to 1 HP a second for 60 seconds.
* Warding
Warding, which greatly reduces the physical damage taken for 40 secs. It could grant you an advantage over opponents who uses pure physical weapons. Plus it's quick to recast once the buff is finished.
* Poison Cloud
As described, the cloud inflicts a poison effect, which drains the opponent's HP. It can also reduce half of their healing effects from consuming grasses, making it an ideal spell if you encounter difficulty to finish an opponent off.

* Second Chance
When the spell is in effect, it will revive you back to 50% HP upon death. Additionally, the buff duration is unlimited and the effect will only disappear once the spell is cracked.

Gameplay tips and progression

Once you get the routine down on how you play with this class you should be able to kill almost any thing put in front of you so enjoy i hit about 1100 when in hyper mode also figure out the strategy you have with the spells at your disposal.


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