spartan sl 110 pvp
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Build summary good defensive and offensive build good pvp, great pve
Recommended starting class(es) soldier
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40
Will/Intelligence 20
Endurance 35
Strength 30
Dexterity 32
Magic 10
Faith 25
Luck **
Recommended equipment

this build is an all around character thats good with almost any weapon but mines main setup is sharp rh1 winged spear +5/ istarelle, rh2 fatal secret dagger +5, lh1 purple flame sheild +10, lh2 ToB armor early on plate midgame darksilver/dull gold late game peices of brushwood I never died in pve the weapons listed work good in pve but for pvp i sugest the blind or if you like faith LSoM

Recommended spells/miracles

spells: warding/light weapon(prefer white sticky stuff)
miracles: second chance/wrath of god(good if u have enough slots for it or if u only use warding) good for messing around

Gameplay tips and progression

I went after missions in the basic order except after i beat stonefang tunnel i went to shrine of storms to get bladestone but for leveling up, (dont waste lead demon soul the scraping spear works great), after 1-1 i would up dexterity to 15 and try to get every thing else to ten and if ur able to early on boost vit to 22 cause after the vit north regalia build i learned alot of vitality= awesome character although u souldnt lose health if use this build right but after u get the sharp winged spear to atleast 2 go safe sage freke to get warding then tackle valley of defilement to get LSoM and if u can the istarelle the LSoM will come in handy in 1-3 just about every thing in this build can be tweaked with the kinda stats but i wouldnt suggest it the point is defensive powerhouse and yes i already no that this would be a good meat cleaver build so what weapon u use is ur choose and my psn id is masonthomas and if u need any help me nmy freind are usually on


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