SL125 Power and Versatility
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Build summary Optimized Quality Build
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40(You can drop End to 36 and Dex to 43, or some combination thereof, and get 45 Vit)
Will/Intelligence 18
Endurance 40(Can be dropped to 35, I prefer 36 or 37, usually)
Strength 34
Dexterity 44(Can be dropped to 38, if you must)
Magic **
Faith 16
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Any Quality+5 weapon that you like.

Armor is up to you, I prefer a lighter set of armor personally.

I'll get this part of the discussion done here: Meat Cleaver.

Don't use it for PVP. Seriously. The damage it does is split into magical and physical, meaning it goes through TWO damage reductions. Quality Gaxe+5 only has about 10-15 less AR than MC with this build, and only goes through ONE. Until you get a Quality +5 weapon, though, MC is your go to weapon.

As for Great Sword, just use DBS. Even with this Str, DBS>GS.

Beyond that, don't make this build unless you plan on using a dex weapon and a strength weapon as a rh1 rh2 combination, or want variety. It's not really worth it otherwise.

Recommended spells/miracles

Spells: Curse Weapon

Miracles: Second Chance

If you actually have questions about this section, don't even bother trying to PVP.

Gameplay tips and progression

So this is the part where I put justification for the stat's, right? OK, here goes. This is still in progress, by the way. I will be formatting a bit later.

First, I need to explain that 2 handing a weapon multiplies your strength by 1.5. In order to counteract this, the developers made Dex scaling slightly better than Str scaling. Not incredibly so, but to the point that it is noticeable. In other words, don't go past 34 STR, because you will spend most of the time 2 handing weapons in order to maximize the bonus to STR. A Quality+5 Kilij with these stats 2 handed will have approximately 320 AR. This is BETTER than a comparable Sharp+5 Kilij with 50 Dex, which has about 315 AR while 2 handed. This holds true for basically every weapon. One handed, these stats give you about 20 AR less. 2 handed, these stats give you equal, or slightly better AR than a comparable str/dex build. This means you will be 2 handing. A lot. The difference in AR is minor while 1 handing, but it is still a difference.

Note that the damage calculator is WRONG on Quality Weapons.

Some specific weapon AR'sof popular weapons(All weapons are quality+5, testing was done with 36 str/42 dex, so less than optimal stats):

Weapon: 1handed/2handed
Greataxe: 429/460
Claymore: 346/371
Knights Sword: 280/301
Kilij: 297/319
Uchigatana: 312/335

In other words, 2 handed, Quality outdamages both Sharp and Crushing, or, at the very least, matches it, assuming the sharp/crushing has 50 dex/str. 1 handed, you lose about 10 AR on the dex weapons, and maybe 2 AR on the STR ones. It's insane. You actually GAIN AR on some of them.

If you want breathing room with the stats, you can drop dex to 38. You lose every advantage over dex weapons, though, as you will now have about 3 AR less. Str weapons are still in your advantage, although by a much reduced amount. With 44 dex, you gain 12 AR over a standard strength build. With 38, you gain…1 or 2, if any at all.

If you are dead set on a lower SL or more vitality, drop 3 or 4 from Endurance(or 5 if you're ggdoom), and a few from dex. Do NOT go below 38 dex. Hell, I wouldn't take it below 40 unless you had a serious reason. And 43 is STILL the best place to have it at. I have it at 44 for the sake of making this build sl125 on the dot. I suppose if you dropped 4 from Endurance and 6 from Dexterity, in order to pump vit to 50, it might be worth it. 50 vit is definitely an advantage.

Anyway, on to the stat justification:

Vitality: This was unavoidable. The only way to pull this build off was to sacrifice Vitality in favor of Versatility. 40 is the minimum, for me, and 40 is my recommendation. You can drop End and/or Dex to suit your needs.

Intelligence: Curse Weapon. Plain and simple.

Endurance: I use 40, you can reduce it if you don't plan on using many of the heavier weapons. Wouldn't go below 35, though…

Strength: 34 strength means that when you 2 hand a weapon, your strength will be 51. This is crucial. Well, actually…You could go 30 str, and bump dex to 48, and keep the same damage while 2 handed…I've done more testing, and 51 is THE str cutoff. After that the AR only grows by 1 on a crushing weapon.

Dex: 44 dex is the highest you can get while remaining in range. You can drop strength to 30 and raise dex to 48, if you want…but 43 is really the optimal dex.

Magic: 6, the base.You don’t even need to hijack spells from Freke, just get Curse Weapon from Yuria….

Faith: 16 is needed for Second Chance.

Luck: This should never be increased except on a BBS build. Ever.

Ok, now, I know Ilkar’s Faith Build format had weapon guides, but honestly, you can use EVERY weapon, to great effect, with this build. Just to recap, in two hands, your quality weapons will outdamage crushing+5 weapons with 50 str, and match sharp+5 weapons with 50 dex. In other words, you can use anything, and use it at top level.

For example, a Quality +5 Greataxe 2 handed on this build has 12 more AR than a +5 Crushing Greataxe 2 handed on a 50 strength build. That amount of AR difference between quality and sharp is constant, it’s not a percentage.

Actual Gameplay Progression is fairly simple. Beat Phalanx, then grab Crescent Falchion, Regenerator’s Ring, and Adjudicator Shield from 4-1, Fluted and Black Leather Armor from 3-1 and the Blessed Mace from 5-1. It is best to save Ostrava, as he gives you a Pure Clearstone, which is very rare, and used for Quality Upgrades. Something to remember is that ONLY a Quality +5 weapon works like this. +4 will not do. I would recommend using the Meat Cleaver for most of the game, so beat 4-1, get the greatclub from 2-1, or buy a club from the Dregling Merchant in world 1. Raise Dex and Vit first, get a bow, and use it on Armor Spider and Flamelurker. It’ll take a while, but it’s doable. After that, get strength to 18 for the cleaver. Go make the cleaver. At this point, you have an excellent weapon. Start upgrading stats as you see fit, but remember not to exceed the build. Farm the reaper in 4-2 for souls, and when you are confident, beat 4-2 and 4-3, to open 4-3 for farming. Save the NPC’s, and take care to keep Ostrava alive, I cannot stress this enough. That Pure Clearstone is a godsend. Once you decide on a weapon to use, start making it Quality. The Imperial Spies in 1-3 are the only way to get chunks of clearstone other than Crystal Lizards, so you might want to farm them. Continue normal progression through the game, at this point, there is nothing special you need to do. Just follow the build.


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