Spell Pierce -SL 126-
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Build summary Maximize your spells and melee combination without putting too much str
Recommended starting class(es) Royalty
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40
Will/Intelligence 40
Endurance 35
Strength **
Dexterity **
Magic 45
Faith 18
Luck **
Recommended equipment

RH 1st: Crescent Estoc + 5 / Estoc +10
RH 2nd: Kris Blade + 5
LH 1st: Insanity Catalyst (Pro) / Talisman of Beast (Beginner to Advance)
LH 2nd: Morion Blade (Hyper Set Users) / Dark Silver Shield + 5

Headgear: Monk's Head Wrappings
Armor Set: Sage Set / Shaman Set
In Soul Form, Foe's / Friend's Ring or Ring of Magical Nature (Pro) and Cling Ring
In Body Form, Ring of Magical Nature and Clever Rat's Ring (Hyper Set Users)

Note: The use of Ring of Magical Nature will maximize your magic combo

Recommended spells/miracles


Second Chance


Light Weapon

Pyromaniac Type: Firestorm, Ignite, Fire Spray (w/ RoMN)
Soul Steal Type: Soul Ray, Homing Soul Ray, Warding (w/o RoMN)
Berserk Type (Hyper) : Fireball, Fire Spray, Homing Soul Ray (w/o RoMN)
Unholy Type: Fireball, Firestorm, Fire Spray (w/ RoMN)

Gameplay tips and progression

"You have the potential to grow even stronger." - Lenneth Valkyrie

First of all, this is my very first guide. Please forgive me if there are a lot of typos =D
and Special Thanks to Nick1Nintendo, Amazing Mage player. The best among the rest.

Alright!! Let's do this!!

How to maximize this build:

For neophytes, it's extremely crucial to practice a lot of dodge a.k.a roll spamming if you're using this build for your first character. A lot of patience is also needed since you're going through the game twice to get all the spells (I KNOW DEMON'S SOULS IS UNFORGIVING T__T) but on top of that farming, for the Dark Silver Shield +5, and Crescent Estoc +5. Thus I can offer my services a.k.a armory at level 50 which is the midpoint of this build. I suggest you PM me via PSN (ID: Aztreal) first to get my armory set up and supply you with all the items listed in the equipment list.

Combination is a MUST!!

Most Mage Builds, rely on this and you should use your spells on the exact moment or you will surely die and utilize your weapon, don't forget to back stab / riposte. Variation of spells can affect your chances of survival and make sure you know the phantom range of each weapon.

The Pros:

Higher HP means longer survival ability
Low Str and Dex = More Firepower for Magic
Higher Magic BS Damage which can go through Warding
Direct Magic Damage can do One-Hit KOs
Can win against a group of jumpers if used properly
No Weapon Buffs therefore no hassle spicing too much
Can switch from CQC to Range by switching weapons

The Cons:

Low Stamina means Fewer Rolls and Attacks
Few Weapon Choice
Beat new game plus to achieve which means a #$%^

In conclusion, (I'm a very bad writer LOL jk) Spell Pierce can either make you one of the strongest player in PVP or I can totally mess you up if used incorrectly. I hope you learned a lot from this build. May fate be with you.


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