Definitive Moon Knight
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Build summary PvP/120 - A Magic based Melee build that utilizes Moon and Crescent weapons to the extreme.
Recommended starting class(es) Royal
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 45
Will/Intelligence 14
Endurance 40
Strength (18)-20
Dexterity 14
Magic 44-(46)
Faith 16
Luck **
Recommended equipment

RH1: Moon Great Sword/Great Axe/Crescent Axe/Claymore+5/Northern Regalia
RH2: Moon Guillotine Axe/Mirdan Hammer+5 or Crescent Estoc/Secret Dagger+5
LH1: Moon Uchigatana +5 (Bread and Butter of the build, always stays out..)
LH2: Talisman of Beasts

Recommended spells/miracles

This build has been put on here by request and is to address the lack of pure Magic based Melee builds. This build is very fun and rewarding and I encourage people to try it out. This guide is long, so get your reading glasses out. Also, this build is for more advanced players who are familiar with farming methods, gecko locations, and general advanced information about the game’s ins-and-outs.

I’ll list the possible weapon options available below. Since this build can utilize two different weapon paths and NR, it might be in no particular order…I’m also going to list some possible sub-builds. Yes, sub-builds because builds can get old and here are ways to get diversity into the mix to keep the game fun!

Possible weapons as Moon path:

Mace/Morning Star/Pickaxe/War Pick/Claws/Iron Knuckles/Guillotine Axe/Crescent Axe/Great Axe/Knight Sword/Flamberge/Claymore/Great Sword/Winged Spear/Halberd/Mirdan Hammer/War Scythe

Possible as Crescent path:

Estoc/Parrying Dagger/Secret Dagger

Available as both paths:


Other Weapons of importance:

Northern Regalia/Morion Blade/Kris+5/Talisman of Beasts/Magic Sword “Makoto”

The huh? Weapons:

Claws+10, Blessed Iron Knuckles+5, Shotel+10, Mirdan Hammer+10

Saying wow, why is all this listed? Well, because scrolling through all the pages on the wiki for what weapon can be made what gets old… Every weapon of interest to this build is listed here, all on one page. There are other weapons that may have not made it to the list, this is because I just simply haven't tried it yet.

Okay! So what to actually use?

An Uchigatana IS the fastest off-hand swinging weapon in the game. It definitely has a place here; And with that said, a Moon/Crescent Uchi+5 is going to be in your Left hand Slot #1 at all times, period! With Moon being the better option.

You’re going to need to cast spells/miracles right? Talisman of Beasts in Left Hand Slot #2.

The right hand slots are where this build truly shines. I’m going to actually list three different sub-builds that dramatically change the way you play this hero. It’s like having three entirely different builds in one, and makes this build never get old!

We’ve already decided what our left hand slots are, they will never change unless you plan to go into hyper mode (clever rats ring and morion blade). I’ll let you decide about that.

All Melee:

Right Hand #1, Damage dealer:

Moon Great Sword/Great Axe, Crescent Axe, Claymore, or Northern Regalia. Great Sword being the best option, Crescent Axe coming in second. I'll explain more in detail below.

Right Hand#2, Combo dealer/finisher:

Mirdan Hammer, Knight Sword, Mace, Guillotine Axe, Secret Dagger, Estoc. Mirdan Hammer, or Estoc/Secret Dagger being best options.


Silver Coronet will up your mana pool to 116 points with 14 intelligence. You will always wear this, oh and you’re going to make your Hero Bald, more about this later! So with 116 mana - Two magic slots, and Two Miracle slots you’re going to carry Second Chance and Warding. What both? Yes, utilizing both in PVP is very effective; It really catches your opponent off guard. If you're Second Chance is cracked the casting of Warding is fast, most likely your opponent is going to put pressure on you to end the fight and a recast of Second Chance can be difficult unless you pull off a backstab. Against an opponent relying on Curse Weapon, or pure physical damage this will enable you valuable time to consume heals and spices while the damage your taking is low. It’s also a kick-a** spell for PvE when you’re trying to advance through the game. Don’t rely 100% on Warding though, It’s not a fail-safe; It’s merely you’re limited shield to chug spices and heals until it wears off and then you’ll be ready to re-cast Second Chance after the next successful Backstab.

You can wear whatever armor you want without taking off Silver Coronet. Black boots being the best leggings due to the silent footsteps feature. Don’t wear a chest piece because it’s manly. For arms wear the Shamans arms. You look like a beast carrying an Uchigatana and a Great Sword.

Tips and Tactics:

Your going into this fight at both ends of the Spectrum. You have a speedy weapon teamed up with a slower Power-House. The Uchigatana is very fast in its attack; While the Great Sword is a large,slow recovery weapon. However, surprisingly some of the combos you can put together can be relatively fast in execution. Typically, your going to be using the L1 attack of the Uchigatana ALOT. Executing rolls, recover with a swing of L1. On ocassion, recover from a roll with R1. The Great Sword's rolling R1 attack has knockdown which is essential. After you land an effective knockdown, two-hand the Great Sword and go golfing with the Running R1 attack as your opponent gets to his feet. Another great assault is L1, backstep (O key), and R1 as the Great Sword back-step attack is suprisingly fast. You can also test your opponents defenses with L1, R2, L1, R2 or L1, L1, L1, R2 which can be exucuted from one stamina bar of 40 endurance.

So we'll assume you popped their Second Chance. Now, to finish the fight you can get out your secondary weapon which should be a combo weapon. Mirdan Hammer is definatley effective here, but Knights Swords/Guillotine Axes/ and Secret Dagger's Push/Stun methods will all work great. You could also use another Uchigantana, it doesn't suite my play style but some people swear by it.

That’s all for Melee Sub-Build #1.

Melee/Light Weapon Build:

Right Hand #1, damage dealer: same as “All Melee” build. Moon Weapon+5

Right Hand #2, claws+10, shotel+10, mirdan hammer+10, Secret Dagger+10, etc.


Same as “All Melee,” never take off Silver Coronet for the enhanced mana pool. Your spells/Miracles will slightly change. You’ll be running Second Chance and Light Weapon. With 40+ magic stat, Light Weapon is a great addition and you will still deal great damage lighting-up with the weaker talisman of beasts. However your light weapon will not be terrifying, that is why you only light-up weapons that can chain combos such as the ones listed above.

Tips and Tactics:

I’m not going to go into great detail about why you would ever want to light-up claws, but it has it’s somewhat "fun factor" when executing 16 hits…. Makes for a great finisher, only to be used after you popped your opponents Second Chance because your damage will not be on par with an Insanity Catalyzed Light Weapon. And oh yeah! this is why your hero is bald. The Shotel is special because 50% of its damage is felt through shields. As magic damage generally passes through many shields in the game, the effects work in unison. A Mirdan Hammer is great for it's blunt damage as it destroys shielded turtles. A Secret Dagger teamed with your Uchigatana in Left Hand will provide devastating stun/lock combos and some magic damage transferred from the stuns *hint*.

Overall the gameplay style is very similar to Sub-build#1; Slice, Slice, Slice with Left hand Uchigatana. Your secondary weapon and strategy are completely revamped. Try em both out and see which one you like playing on Monday and which one you like Friday. Pretty diverse Huh? Oh wait, I forgot Wednesday. The NINJA!!!

Ninja Build:

Let me state this ninja is not as effective as a pure dexterity based full on fatal estoc/secret dagger build. However for pure fun factor it can be very effective and frankly destroys opponents using Warding. Can anyone say Invading 1-3 or 1-4 for blues?

Right Hand #1, damage dealer: Northern Regalia, Crescent Estoc/Secret Dagger.

Right Hand #2, damage dealer: Great Axe/Crescent Axe for damage dealing splash effects.

Same as “All Melee,” never take off Silver Coronet for the enhanced mana pool. Your spells/Miracles will slightly change. You’ll be running Second Chance, Cloak, and Poison Cloud. Generally speaking, all spells with Auras are not to be used as they are an easy giveaway. I say bring Second Chance because you just never know how games are going to play out. If it turns into a 3vs1 war and you got poisoned, bleeding, or plagued you’re going to need to cast it and change tactics accordingly. Just because you’re built like a ninja doesn’t mean they can’t see your life ticking away from far away…. So carry Second Chance or Anti-Magic Field if that suits your style. Either one but DON’T cast Second chance right when you enter a game or you’re stuck with it until it cracks and everyone can see your aura/hue. The cloak is to help stack your invisibility, and the poison is just because you have an extra slot.

Tips and Tactics:

The ninja is pretty straight forward, No Regenerative abilities since you’re trying to stay invisible and go in for the killing backstab. This means wearing Thieves ring and Dull Rats ring for protection. However, if dull rats activates you need to quickly heal to get rid of the aura. Do not use Regenerators Ring, Fragrant Ring, or Eternal Warriors rings. They are an easy give away.

You’re probably wondering about the Crescent Weapons right? Well, heres how it goes:

You enter the game with Right Hand #2 weapon or Northern Regalia since they don’t have auras. Once you’re fully stealthy and ready to strike for a backstab switch out to your crescent dagger/estoc and do business. On the retreat switch out the crescent weapon to maintain your ninja invisibility. It’s not uncommon to see around 750-950 backstab damage from these weapons. It is a lot of magic damage so opponents/blues using warding will truly feel the burn. You have a Moon Great Axe/Moon Crescent Axe on Secondary for devastating Rolling R1 attack which deals 500+ damage and has a nice splash effect that usually finishes the opponents with no problems whatsoever. Again, the fact they are using Warding makes them cake. You’re doing massive Magic Damage and they will feel it.

That’s it for the sub- builds…

Gameplay tips and progression

Gameplay Progression:

Theres many ways to go about the way you get through the game. I’m going to tell you very briefly what to get. Let me tell you that moonlight stone is hard to get for a reason. This build is testament to that. Talk with your friends online to get some spare stones if they have any because you ARE limited to how many you can get per play through of the game. Only Geckos drop moonlight stone. And it’s easy to make them go extinct. Wait until you can get pure black world tendency in Latria before even trying to farm the Geico’s. Alternatively, you can farm the reaper in 4-2 for shards and chunks of Dark moonstone; And with Pure black world tendency the two geckos at Storm Rulers Stone will drop Pure Moonlightstones. Use a thieves ring and hyper-mode soul ray to jump them one at a time. Shards of the stones can be purchased from the vendors of each respective world, 3-1 or 4-2.

Your first weapon to start investing upgrade material into is a Crescent Secret Dagger and a Moon Uchigatana. The dagger can carry you through your entire first game and maybe even your 2nd and 3rd playthrough. Once you learn the push/shove combo with the Dagger and Uchigatana you should be able to dispose of many who try your skills. The next item should be a Moon Great Sword/Axe or Claymore. The Great Sword/Axe is the most difficult Moon item to get requiring TONS of stones. And most likely you won’t have the materials to finish forging them your first play through. Go for Northern Regalia Instead at the end of your first play through. Northern Regalia is extremely Strong given you have the character tendency to work it. I suggest helping some hosts kill invaders to get pure white or if you like invading just kill people, that’s usually fastest. Invading being the manly way! Winning at 3vs1 will get you to Pure Black much faster!

It is possible to get Northern Regalia in your first playthrough. Carry the miracle Evacuate with you when you enter the “Old One.” After you kill the Allant Slug take the sword and use evacuate. DO NOT END GAME YET! After you evacuate goto 2-1 and forge your NR. NOW end game with 540dmg!! NR is arguably the most overpowered weapon in the game due to its no stat scaling damage boosts. It fits this build great as it’s damage is halved magic and physical, just like the moon weapon path.

Other bits of helpful stuff:

The huh? Weapons: Blessed Iron Knuckles+5 , the reason for this is RIPOSTE/PARRY. No other item in the game lets you have Life regen and Riposte/Parry in one.

Adjudicators shield gives slightly more HP regen but has a worthless block and a shield slam or something not even worth losing stamina over. Correct me if I missed another item that has both but as far as I know ONLY the Iron knuckle has blessed path and can riposte/parry. No other item has it. And riposte with some of the weapons this build will use will see around 1250 damage without hyper mode! Just some food for thought for when doing PvE or for some exciting challenges in PVP. When teamed with the regenerators ring you get around 10 HP a sec regen which is bad, not terrible.

Like I mentioned before this build can utilize a ton of weapons. Pick the ones that suite your style. By no means are what I put in the Sub-builds sections the only way to go.

Light Weapon: Although this build utilizes the talisman of beast and DOES NOT MEET the requirements (only 16) faith. Light weapon adds 206 magic damage. I wanted to share this before someone notices. The total damage output of my claws+10 are 379 after light-up.

Thanks for reading and good luck with the build! Be patient and the rewards are great! Also, the best way to get answers is to ask questions… This is a rough draft, I have more to add. Thanks.


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