Inverted Spellsword
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Build summary Magic-Melee Build which also makes use of spells
Recommended starting class(es) Royalty
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 45
Will/Intelligence 18
Endurance 40
Strength 18-20
Dexterity 16
Magic 45
Faith 18 for ToB
Luck **
Recommended equipment

This build can be fairly versatile so here are a few suggestions on weapon equips:

  • LH1 Moon Uchigatana +5
  • LH2 Talisman of Beasts (or Wooden Catalyst if not using Second Chance)
  • RH1 Crescent Uchigatana +5 (or Crescent Estoc +5)
  • RH2 Moon Claymore +5 or Moon Great Axe +5 (for versatility and a great way to surprise an opponent)

This is the main set up that I use but I tend to switch weapons in and out like crazy between battles.

As this build can utilize many different magic weapons I will provide you with some others that I switch too.

  • Claymore +10
  • Moon and/or Crescent Kilij +5
  • Moon Guillotine Axe +5 (requires 20 Strength to wield with 1H)
  • Dual Moon Claws +5 (mainly just to mess with people but I have also found a LH Uchi with a RH Claw to work well against some people)
  • Dark Silver Shield (though I never really use it for PVP anymore)
  • Morion Blade


Old King Set or Binded Set for Female
Body Form: Clever Rat's Ring + Eternal Warrior's Ring
Soul Form: Cling Ring + Friend / Foe Ring / Eternal Warrior's Ring

Recommended spells/miracles

So this build works mainly on the Melee side of things but you can also make use of a few handy spells.


  • Ignite + Soul ray
  • Homing Soul Arrow + Soul Ray
  • Light Weapon with Claymore +10 works wonders


  • Second Chance (you could also botch Miracles all together and go with Warding, though I don't recommend it as that would require boosting Int to 24)
Gameplay tips and progression

So after seeing Nick1Nintendo's SL 121 Spellsword I started out my newest build along those lines, but with a few tweaks already intended. I'm not really into the whole mage/magic side of PVP so I decided to make a more melee based build with the ability to use some close range spells (ie. Ignite).


I suggest working on VIT and END fairly evenly until both are at least 20 then go grab the Crescent Falchion in 4-1 to help you through most of NG.
Try to clear out 4-1 and start farming the Geckos in 4-1 and 4-2 as well the Reaper for some Darkmoon Stone and upgrade you Crescent Falchion. For NG+ or if you are going straight for PVP I recommend upgrading your Uchigatana from 4-1 to a Moon Uchi as soon as you can.
Moonlight stone can be found in world 3.
As moonlight stone can only be found via Geckos and treasure you might also want to try going for a Crescent Kilij via Reapers in world 4.

Once you have some decent Magic weapons start pouring stats into Magic then follow up with VIT and END evenly.

If using Second Chance go for the Talisman of Beasts from Scirvir the Wanderer in 2-2 down the Flamelurker shortcut.


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