Detailed "Dragon Man" SL 119 :)
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Build summary VIT stacked fire build, created by F00L aka RomperX, filled out by me :)
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level **

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 75 {53}
Will/Intelligence 15 {24}
Endurance 40
Strength 20
Dexterity 14
Magic 12 {25}
Faith 16
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Right 1:
-Dragon Great Axe/Great Sword/Crescent Axe/Guillotine Axe/Claymore/Iron Knuckles/Knight's Sword+5
-Northern Regalia (a great alternative for foes with high fire def)

Right 2:
-Dragon Mirdan Hammer/Halberd+5
-Lava Bow (req's 16 DEX)

Left 1:
-Dark Silver Shield+5 (aura-producing)
-Purple Flame Shield+10
-Knight's Shield+10
-Morion Blade (aura when active)
-Adjudicator's Shield+5 (aura)

Left 2:
-Talisman of Beasts (cracked)
-{Insanity Catalyst}

-Silver Coronet (optional)
-Ancient King's set/ Binded Set (as much as possible)
-Black Leather/ Venerable sage's/Rogue set (to compensate for weight)

-Eternal Warrior's Ring (aura)
-Regenerator's Ring (aura)
-Ring of Magical Dullness? (aura)
-Clever Rat's Ring (aura when active)
-Dull Rat's Ring (aura when active)
-Foe's/Friend's Ring
-Cling Ring
-Thief's Ring
-Graverobber's Ring

Recommended spells/miracles

-Warding (2 slots, aura)
-Poison Cloud (1s)
-Death Cloud (2s)
-Cloak (1s)
-{Firespray (1s)}
-{Fireball (2s)}
-{Ignite (2s)}

-Second Chance (aura)
-Evacuate (PvE)
-Hidden Soul (where applicable)

Gameplay tips and progression

Okay, so i liked the build idea, but it sat for awhile without updates to make it more specific. I figured i might as well try to complete the build and posted this. So, as stated above, all credit goes to F00L (RomperX). The things in { }'s are recommended by F00L.

-Use magic for stunlock and/or harassing. You would need to lower VIT accordingly.
-Backstabs should be your main method of damage if possible, otherwise use stunlock combos.
-Use Iron Knuckles and Claymore as your go-to weapons.

-Play smart, wait out weapon buff users, and roll just enough not to get hit. Parry when you can, but try not to lose SC in the process.
-Use stunlock combos whenever possible, but not desperately. Backstabs are always fun, but if you're not careful, the attempts can be countered.
-Keep one weapon around for solid per-hit damage and one for stunlock combos
-You can use stealth to your advantage, it is very effective for surprising an enemy with a stunlock combo. Don't use fatal weapons and your dragon weapons don't have very high BS damage, stick with the combo or use NR for critical strikes.
-If you use the GS with 26 STR, use the rolling 1H R1 to your advantage. It can punish the backstab-savvy. If you don't want to use this move, lower STR to 22 (PFS), 20 ( 1H GuillAxe/Claymore/NR), or 18 (2H all but your lightest weapons).
-Use throwing weapons for ranged stunlock. I personally wouldn't recommend magic because it sacrifices a lot of VIT.
-The polearm moveset is very easy to parry, so beware using one. I personally prefer the Great Axe moveset above all.

-It is not intended to be used as a noob-griefer, i personally wouldn't use it as such.
-Dex may be upped to 16 for the Lava Bow, but it isn't very useful in PvP. You may delevel DEX to 12 once you have obtained all that you need from your playthroughs and no longer require the bow. Or just do without since this build has so much damage variation and vitality.
-DBS users have naturally high fire def, so wait for them to whiff attacks and backstab them with NR.
-Faith builds require constant pressure with their insane regen.
-Yes, this build can be taken to 99 VIT at SL 129, but you gain very little from it. If you wish to take this route anyways, lower STR to 14 and raise VIT accordingly. Please be reminded that the lower your SL, the more effective this build is, period.


-Weapon versatility
-High VIT that makes hyper mode much more feasible than with other builds
-Fire damage works well against most builds
-Great in low-level PvP/PvE
-Can use stealth if properly equipped (great for surprise combos, which are almost always better than backstabs with this build, NR being the exception)


-Damage does not scale with stats (can be good or bad depending on your SL)
-Relatively low damage output like a faith build, but without the survivability.
-Purely melee, with the exception of clouds.
-Not a good build against the Flamelurker (use a moon or blessed weapon, since they deal a good amount of magic damage. NR also works very well). NG+ will probably be a pain, so bring friends.
-dragon weapons blocked by brushwood shield, but NR compensates for this with magical damage.

You have options on how to start this build before you have collected any dragon weapons:
-as a strength build with 18-26 STR (moderately effective in PvP until you acquire your real weapons)
-as a faith build with 16 FTH (also effective in PvP until about SL 40)
-as a VIT-stacked NR user (the most effective route until you acquire dragon weapons)



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