Twin Fangs Build (SL 173)
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Build summary A build that resembles Biorr, of the Twin Fangs (higher lvl pvp)
Recommended starting class(es) Knight. (Very Well Rounded)
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence 15
Endurance 75
Strength 60
Dexterity 25
Magic **
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment


Head- Brushwood
Chest- Brushwood
Arms- Brushwood
Legs- Gloom… Just Kidding USE BRUSHWOOD!!


RH 1: Crushing Great Sword +5
RH 2: Sharp Uchigatana +5

LH 1: Brushwood Shield
LH 2: Heavy Crossbow w/ Black Bolts


Body Form>
1: Ring of Great Strength
2: ETW Ring

Soul Form>
1: Ring of Great Strength
2: Depends on Situation / Friends or Foes Ring / Maybe cling ring

Recommended spells/miracles

No Spells intended for this build. I would recommend for pvp changing the crossbow and bolts out for a Catalyst to cast Warding.

Gameplay tips and progression

First things first, clear 1-1 by killing the phalanx. Make sure that you grabbed the Ring of Great Strength as it is vital to this build. <NOTE: It is easier to obtain the Ring Of Great Strength with PWWT> The next step after talking to the monumental is to raise your stats so you can wield the Uchigatana. Then tackle world 4-1. Kill the Skeletons leading up to the first fog gate and walk towards the Vanguard blocking the second fog gate. Coax him into attacking careful not to let him hit you. Sneak past him and grab the Uchigatana. At this point you can either finish 4-1 or return to the nexus for the next step. Hopefully you haven't tried world 1-2 yet or if you did, hopefully you didn't die trying. The next step is to Head towards the area where you find Executioner Miralda on 1-1 so you can grab the Brushwood Set at the bottom of the stairs. Be careful of being overencumbered, the total Brushwood Set is a total of 58.0 lbs!!! After you have successfully retrieved the Brushwood Set, work on building your Sharp Uchi +5 and developing your stats. Work on having fun with this build and getting the necessary equipment. If you have questions about any of this equipment or the build, be sure to post a comment below. Enjoy.


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