SUPERB wanderer!
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Build summary fast and agile while wearing best armor and best weapons and using good magic what else would you want?
Recommended starting class(es) Wanderer ONLY.
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 30-35
Will/Intelligence 24-26
Endurance 32
Strength 32
Dexterity 28-30
Magic 19
Faith 12-14
Luck **
Recommended equipment

ARMOR: head: brushwood helmet
Body:Dark silver body armour
Hands:mirdan guantlets or dark silver guantlets
feet: mirdan leggings OR dark silver leggings
WEAPONS:right hand#1:dragon MIRDAN HAMMER +5 or knight sword +10
right hand#2:wooden or insanity catalyst
left hand#1:spiked shield +10
left hand#2:WHITE BOW preferred + HAVE a TALISMAN for miracles in inventory to switch with this item sometimes.

AMMO/RINGS:preferred for ammo is FIRE bows but if not Heavy bows will do also if you can
purchase white bows have a set of those too.
RINGS:#1 ring of herculain Strength #2 ring of avarice // regenerators ring //
cling ring for when in soul form for a health boost all those 3 work for
second ring spot.

Recommended spells/miracles

with 24 intelligence you should have about 4 magic spots so aqquire them in this order.

1. WARDING for very good protection,2. SOUL LIGHT for a piercing attack,3. FIRE SPRAY for people vulnerable to fire and constant fire attack only using 2 mp.

THOSE ARE THE ORDERS NOW SOMETIMES YOU CAN REPLACE SOUL LIGHT AND FIRE SPRAY FOR LIGHT WEAPON FROM PENETRATORS DEMONS SOUL you can make this at sage freke. ESPECIALLY if your doing pvp red eye challenge with you faith you can double the damage from the magic attack that the enchanted weapon puts on your sword and that is where the knight sword comes in.

MIRACLES: Either EVACUATE or HEAL now try to use something that you find that you are helpful for you as evacuate and heal are the two good main things to use.

EVACUATE is for either farming or when in DEEP situations, HEAL is for when your usefull cresents are almost out you can you heal to heal your self with your talisman.

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE FRESH SPICE ABOUT 50 these are easy to buy as they are 300 souls each at boldwin in nexus. and ALOT of full moon grass if you have patches the hyena. full late or new will do also.

Gameplay tips and progression

Make sure you put these skills to good use as not everyone can use this class if you master it surely you will become a SUPERB wanderer. from the weapons and almost the best armor this class is really fast and strong. as you progress in the levels MAKE SURE YOU SPEND MORE SKILL POINTS ON STRENGTH , DEXER , ENDURANCE , AND VITALITY. in that order . good luck and enjoy you will surely love this class.


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