Classic Knight
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Build summary Just a simple knight…still in progress
Recommended starting class(es) Knight
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40
Will/Intelligence **
Endurance 40
Strength 40
Dexterity 40
Magic **
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment

1.Longsword/Broadsword(blessed, sharp, dragon ,etc.)

2.Penetrator Sword(my favorite)

3.Full Dark Silver Armor

4.Full Gloom Armor

5.Eternal Warrior's Ring

6.Ring of Great Strength

7.Dark Silver Shield

Recommended spells/miracles

Well to me magic is not really my thing i dont like it i think its pathetic but thats my opinion. If you want to use magic go ahead no one is stopping you.

Gameplay tips and progression

Throughout this walkthrough i will tell you where to go from the time you spawn in 1-1 to the time you hit SL 120. You will die. You will cry and you will give up. Let me begin, first of all make sure use choose the knight as a starting class, they have fairly decent equipment to begin with as well as the longsword. I recommend that you play through the tutorial/Nexus.
As you begin in the Nexus fight the slaves and weak soldiers until you get to a fog gate in which you will encounter the vanguard. Here you will more than likely die, considering its one hit kill but you can defeat him. This is what you do…equip your longsword with both hands and use hit and run tactics. The Vangaurd is very slow and is easy to dodge IF you remove parts of your armor enabling you roll and move faster. This fight you must stay behing him! Hit him a few times in the back and roll. And Always stay behind him. Also watch your endurance meter if it goes all the way down your an easy target. If you defeat him a archstone will appear in the middle of the room giving you the grey demons soul and taking you to the dragon god who will kill you in one hit. Be sure to pick up all the items here and in the nexus…for they carry on with you when you die.
Once you die you will spawn in the nexus, greeted by the maiden in black. Now go to world 1-1; the archstone to your left when you spawn. Once you get here skip the intro(unless you want to watch it). As soon as you spawn turn around and run toward the giant gate where you will find two latemoon grass. Now start making your way up the stairs toward the gatehouse/castle and be on gaurd because there are slaves everywhere waiting to ambush you here. Make use of that kite shield that shield will save your ass later on. Make sure you grab all the items on the ground and when you kill an enemy. Once you make it to the top of the stairs and at the gate turn left where you will see some stairs and a smaller gate. Now keep going kill the crossbow man and two slaves and enter the dark room where three slaves await. waste them destroy some crates grab the firebombs move on kill the two soldiers guarding the entrance to the inside of the walls. Kill everyone inside here pick up everything and be on guard for traps such as a rolling boulder that a gaurd rolles down the stairs at you before you hit the top of the wall. As soon as you get up there you will encounter a red knight waste him and continue to forward to the gatehouse. Once inside watch yourself you can fall off and easily die here and the slaves carry torches which can ignite those explosive barrels. Also when you were running down the stairs you should have come to a door that leads outside where to chains are. Cut those chains to release some items that will fall down on the ground.Once you reach the bottom pull the lever and grab the cling ring and once the gate rises go out and grab the items that you released when you cut the chains. Now go back all the way up to where you killed the blue knight and proceed through the fog gate. To be continued….


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