The immortal Knight
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Build summary Begginer style vitality hoarder, PvE, (PvP untested) (Sl 65-75)
Recommended starting class(es) Knight, Soldier or the Barbarian
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 60-80
Will/Intelligence **
Endurance 10-16
Strength 14-16
Dexterity **
Magic **
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Right Hand First : Dragon Claymore +5
Right Hand Second : Any weapon will do, as long as your equip weight is below halve.

Left Hand: Arjudicator shield +3 -5

Human Form Rings: Regenerators ring is a must, the other can be anything else, however the eternal warriors ring is highly reccomended
Soul Form Rings: Regenerators ring, and cling ring.

Armour: Any armour that allows for fast rolling while holding the claymore and shield

Recommended spells/miracles

No spells need to be learnt, however soul ray or cloak would be best.

Gameplay tips and progression

I'll start from after you beat the phalanx, presuming you picked up most equipment, and got destroyed by the vanguard. The first thing to do, is level your vitality up as much as possible, as this can ensure you survive pretty much everything. After you defeat the phalanx, your first objective is 6000 souls, as that claymore is gonna be your best friend, so by the time you get your first dragonstone it should be a +3. After you have the claymore, the lighter armour you picked up from the chains in 1-1 should be your battle dress, or as much to ensure you can still roll and run fast. The claymore being two-handed, when using the R1 attack, should decimate crowds, and with the thiefs ring on, those pecky wolves. With a turpentine buff, the towerknight is nothing, even for a begginer, if they can grasp the concept of rolling away from attacks. After he's down, use all your souls on vitality, going through 2-1 should be next.
2-1 is easy, as long as you use the long sword R2 attack on miners, and ministers, you should get to Mr. Spider fairly easy, just like the tower knight, with a stick white stuff boost, and a flurry of R2 attacks, you'll squash him. After his death, 2-2 is free for exploration, and soul collecting, mainly just try to get the dragonstones and the chunks, two-three chunk will need to be farmed from bearbugs however (as a Barbarian,it happens fast), as the dragon claymore is absurdly strong, you'll become a rival to that of the Penetrator himself (I never healed once, and our life when down at the same pace) because of the strength,it makes up for the lack of endurence.
After the claymore is atleast a +2-3, world 3-1 can easily be cleared, as long as you have your massive health bar, thanks to vitality hoarding. With the additional health, fetching the cresent falchion, adjudicators shield, and heck, his soul while your at it, should be easy as pie. Cresent falchion should be used to duel the flamelurker, while the draon claymore decimates absolutely everything else that can bite you. When it hits +5, you'll be a wrecking machine which a disgusting amout of hp. The adjudicator shield can be upgraded at your own pace, as the trickle of health isn't necessarily needed, but helps against pesky opponents, such as ennemies in 5-1+ After you achieve the the 60Hp mark, ennemies that appear quite strong, will be very weak, while you're still very strong.
Currently as a level 68, with over 1400 vitality, King Allant has lost most of his Glory


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