blueblood sword user (soul level 125)
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Build summary a blueblood swordsman
Recommended starting class(es) i started as royalty
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 30
Will/Intelligence 18
Endurance 40
Strength 18
Dexterity 18
Magic 23
Faith 18
Luck 40
Recommended equipment

RH1 Blueblood sword RH2 talisman of beasts/ talisman of god LH1 morion blade/dark silver shield+5 ,adjudicator's shield+5 LH2 Insanity Catalyst for armor i use ancient king's set female armor i use binded armor Rings:cling and friend's/foe's Ring/eternal warrior's ring and cling or your choice of rings

Recommended spells/miracles

PvP light weapon,PvE firestorm or whatever. miracles: second chance(self explanatory) for soul farming probably evacuate

Gameplay tips and progression

complete 1-1 then head to 4-1 turpentine on the scimitar works good on the skeletons and grab the crescent falchion+1,adjudicator's shield,talisman of god,compound long bow, and regenerator's ring. two-handing the crescent falchion head to 5-1 (valley of defilement area 1) u should be able to kill most enemies in 1-2 hits each to kill leechmonger u can snipe him with your compound long bow Btw u should level up ur strength or vitallity or whatever stats u want or u can easily kill it by going by the other fog gate (on the ground) then hit him a few times then back away and repeat that until dead for 5-2 if u don't have high poison res. then u may want to grab the miracle Cure before going to 5-2 is fairly easy the broken sword is before the first fog gate for the dirty collossus just keep attacking him and his attacks are fairly easy to dodge for 5-3 u can either snipe maiden astrea or u can kill Garl Vinland then talk to her and she'll commit suicide u may want to kill garl vinland because he drops the dark silver shield along with the rest of the set if u don't have much vitallity u could invest some points into vitallity,or any other stat be sure to have 18 of strength,dexerity,magic,and faith. after 2-2 give the red hot demon's soul to Blacksmith Ed Don't forget to complete world 4 you may want to get 15 intelligence early in the game to use warding until you get Second Chance make sure to get the thief's ring at 1-1 on the same spot as Prince Ariona Allant (Ostrava Of Boletaria) don't forgot to equip it before fighting old hero and make sure to rescue saint urbain in 4-2. 3-1 is really easy you must rescue sage freke to get light weapon which u need the special key for which is by where you kill the fool's idol's servant beat 1-3 and then learn light weapon the rest of the game is easy.


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