Juggernaut [SL 120] PvE/PvP
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Build summary A strength orientated character able to deal massive damage while sustaining little. Easy to play, hard to master.
Recommended starting class(es) Knight, Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40+
Will/Intelligence 15+
Endurance 45+
Strength 30+
Dexterity 20+
Magic 15+
Faith **
Luck 10
Recommended equipment

For the stats not mentioned it is your decision… stacking Endurance and Strength (Str at least to 30) is necessary.

Armour: For a slower character but with more damage mitigation I recommend full Brushwood. For a faster character I recommend Ancient King's armour.

RH1: Dragon Bone Smasher (or any large weapon)
RH2: Lava Bow (or anything else really, up to you.)

LH1: (for high endurance) Brushwood Shield / Tower Shield
LH2: Dragon Bone Smasher (or any large weapon) // Talisman of Beasts (depends on your playstyle)

Ring 1: (Soul Form) Cling Ring, (Body Form) Clever Rat's Ring
Ring 2: (Heavy Armour) Ring of Great Strength, (Light Armour) Dull Rat's Ring

The rings setup allows for a choice of Hyper Mode or a virtual tank. Your choice.

Recommended spells/miracles

Enchant Weapon
Fireball (if enough magic slots)
Homing Soul Arrow (if enough magic slots)

Enchanting your weapon can make a MASSIVE difference to how hard you hit… do not underestimate it!!

Fireball has nice splash damage and is hard to avoid. Homing Soul Arrow does less damage but is almost unavoidable in most situations.

Warding just means you take a lot less damage!

Gameplay tips and progression

The Juggernaut has the combined strength of the option to play two handed, a large weapon with a shield, or two weapons. Even at low SL, the Dragon Bone Smasher causes massive damage, especially two handed, and when you get the second in NG+ you will be unstoppable. In PvE you should have little trouble… heavy armour is recommended as the AI isn't that smart and really fast dodging isn't always necessary. In PvP, the lighter armour is definitely recommended. You need to get in close, and get in close fast- the Dragon Bone Smasher will stun or knockdown any magic or bow user quickly, so you can dispatch them. For another melee user, weight until their attack connects with your shield, then quickly use a strong R2 attack to knock them down and deal heavy damage. Following this up with another attack will be hard if they are a lighter character, but if it is a heavily armoured character, you can kill them with two hits if you're fast enough. Always remember your knockdown and take advantage of the environment- knocking someone off a cliff is much faster than chasing them.

Strength will make your attacks stronger, while stacking endurance means you may be able to move fast even in the heaviest armour. The Ring of Great Strength helps dramatically with this.


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