pvp tank
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Build summary basic style that most can't beat
Recommended starting class(es) female barbarian
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 60
Will/Intelligence **
Endurance 60
Strength 18
Dexterity 15
Magic **
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment

RH1 scraping spear
RH2 mercury winged spear +5

LH1 steel shield +10
LH2 adjudicator's shield +5

dull gold armor set (female only)

body form
regenerator's ring
eternal warrior's ring

soul form
cling ring
regenerator's ring

Item slots
full moon grass
soldier's lotus
royal's lotus
turpentine/black turpentine/sticky white stuff

Recommended spells/miracles
  • Spell A
Gameplay tips and progression

This set is primarily for PvP but it works surprisingly well for gameplay even if your new

the style is quite basic
keep your shield up and with the special property of the spear you get to attack with your shield up.

The steel shield +10 is your main defense, it has high guard res so you'll lose little stamina during a block and with the scraping spear you attack them to wear out their equipment/weapon included. After that switch to the mercury winged spear to poison and finish off opponent.

If ever your low on life use items or just switch to the adjudicator's shield +5. This with the regenerator's ring will ensure that your life stays up.

Unlike other builds this is not a hit and run style. Due to the high vitality and endurance you will have more life than you opponent. your weapon will make theirs less effective, so it is a more hit and stay on their @$$ build. Don't give them a chance to heal or use magic.

Bonus: in my challenges with other players I've noticed that when either runs away the thought is that their trying to heal. Which is why the fifth item is firebomb. Most players are so worried about getting a hit that they aren't concerned about anything else. TRICK when you run away to heal instead throw a firebomb your opponent will be damaged and stunned giving you a few free seconds to heal without any worry of being attacked. This usually only works once but sometimes that's all you need.


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