Faith Warrior
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Build summary A Warrior of God that uses some miracles.
Recommended starting class(es) Tower Knight.
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 30
Will/Intelligence 30
Endurance 30
Strength 16
Dexterity 12
Magic **
Faith 50
Luck 10
Recommended equipment
  • As far as equipment goes i recommend that you find your favorite weapon and make sure you know how to use it, You will be making it a blessed +5 weapon, this is where your power is coming from, the halberd is a good weapon if you don't know what to chose due to its rather high base attack and the fact that it's normal physical damage and not slashing or blunt. Finish 1-1 and farm Hoplite or "mini-phalanxes" as some people call them for the hardstones, they drop shards and large shards, farm them until you have enough to get your weapon to +6 and remember to do this first and foremost, because you need the power where we're going.
Recommended spells/miracles
  • You start with heal, wich is a good miracle, but you have no mp whatsoever, so use it sparingly, its strongly advised to buy antidote and swap it with heal asap cos we're going to 5-x as soon as you have a +6 weapon. after you finish 5-x you can buy evacuate if you must, i didn't.
Gameplay tips and progression

okay so here's the walk through. I recommend trying to kill vanguard to nab those extra souls in the beginning. first thing to do, finish 1-1, after that is done farm Hoplites for Hardstone shards and L. shards. once the weapon you have chosen is +6 proceed to 5-x, this will be tricky for new players, but the rewards are great for your first play through. Fight your way through the shanty town/bridge area until you find yourself and the plauge rats, the halberd is great to kill them with, after you kill them all proceed across the bridge and try your best to kill the geko, be be careful not to kick him off while fighting the goblins. the biggest threat in this level are the giant goblins, the bosses are jokes in my opinion, but that doesn't mean they cant kill you. some tips for 5-1 are, roll to push the giant bugs, you don't want to risk getting poisoned for no reason, when fighting a giant goblin, unequip your armor so you can roll, bate him to attack you and walk backwards, once his club has hit the ground attack him and repeat until dead, there are only two of these that you HAVE to kill and are not that hard to kill once you figure out how to dodge them. okay, so you reached Leechmonger, run to the floor and attack his back, guard when he thrashes about and heal when you need to, hes quite easy and weak to fire, sadly you cant use turpentine on a halberd so to the people who chose different weapons go crazy. after leechmonger is dead go to the nexus and spend you souls like this, get vitality and endurance to 15 strait away, then raise Faith as much as you can until 20, the "storied soldier" wont die until after tower guard i believe so feel free to kill him for the 2000 souls. assuming you killed the gecko you should have a few faintstones plus what was around the leechmonger, head to 2-x and fight your way to the valve that allows access to Blacksmith Ed. upgrade your +6 weapon into a blessed weapon and marvel at its terribleness, your attack went way down and it doesn't give that much of a magic boost, but that's all going to change soon. You may finish 2-1 and kill the spider if you wish i don't see why not, but leave the gecko nest alone for the time being. okay so you do slightly less damage than when you had it at +6 but don't worry its all going to get better soon, now head to 5-2 and get ready for the worst part of the game (but you get a really cool sword…cool in looks, its lack of physical damage isn't good for the first part of the game, even if it can bypass shields.) make your way to the swamp and slowly walk (and die) your way to the black phantom that's prowling around the west area, (west if your looking at it from the cliff in the beginning anyway) shes not that hard, but she can roll and you cant, so i recommend luring her to a small bit of land, once she attacks and hopefully misses let lose on her until shes dead, pick up her faintstones and the black eye stone and go looting, once everything's looted make your way back to the path of rubbish that leads you to the first fog gate. another reason that i liked the halberd is that it can take care of these flying pests without you getting hit…but you will get hit unless your just that pro. after you get to the other end of the bridge jump into the swamp and find your way to the slugs nest, look up and follow the bridge until you find the area with a few giant goblins, simply walk along the wall with the thief's ring and they wont notice you. there will be 5 or so mosquitoes waiting for you at the bridge end, take care of them and work your way up the bridge till you see the slug..uh… mating thing happening, interrupt them by slashing them and then make your way down the little ramp, be careful and take your time, take them out one by one until you can take the large sword of moonlight. once you have it, make your way to the shanty town of the goblins. fight your way to the boss of 5-2 and get ready for another relatively easy boss battle, stay behind him and hes as harmful as a teddy bear, tho his dirty missiles can loop around and hit you, and he will do his little explosion but its very avoidable. once dead pick up the loot and make your way to the nexus, there's more farming ahead! spend your points to get 10 luck then whatever faith you can. head to 5-3 and get ready for, yup another easy just long boss battle, to start ignore the goblin and destroy that gecko for its faintstones and avoid falling cos the plauge babies are hungry. (you can backstab some goblins into the water to distract them but i don't see any point.) make your way to Garl Vinland and prepare for a semi long battle. first off make sure hes down by the water and Astrea, if hes not i think you can get his attention then run to the back of the level and he'll run down there. once you begin fighting him use the same tactics as the giant trolls, he attacks you back up then attack quickly, he can use wrath of god and heal, but whenever he pulls out his talisman of god you can quickly attack him then run back so you don't get crushed by bramd. continue this strategy until hes dead, hopefully he won't heal, take his armor and then talk to Astrea and watch her commit suicide then take her soul, first off congrats, you have an archdemons soul before you even fought Tower guard! now go back to the nexus before the plauge kills you, spend your souls and stash astrea's then head back to 5-3, if you run back to the shanty town there will be a lone shaman goblin. farm him for his faint stone shards (as well as the geckos in 5-4 all in all you shouls have about 10 chunks, you only need 9 to get +5 as well as 25 shards) once you get the 25 shards that you need talk to the woman on the faith side of the nexus, with 20 faith she gives you a pure faintstone! take your materials to Ed and make your blessed +5 weapon. (yay trophy unlocked!) okay! spend your souls in faith and head to 4-x its a simple world, fight your way to the first boss, the adjudicator, run down and attack the broken meat cleaver in his side, once he falls over attack his head, with a +5 blessed weapon he should only need to fall over once. now time to farm the reaper to get 20 intelligence and 45 faith. if you don't have a bow, here! (there is a bow in 4-1, once you made your way up the the guard's wall, make your way down the broken end and run up the tower, at the top your at the other side of the broken wall, kill the archer skeleton and there's a composite long bow, use hardstone shards to upgrade it to +5 so you can kill the reaper with 3 arrows) okay, so you farmed, you feel powerful no? well go test out your new strength on the old hero!, hes a simple boss, people give him way to much credit for melee combat, simply wait till his backs turned and then lay into him, roll between his legs and continue attacking, run away and let him start roaming again, then do the same thing till hes dead. spend your souls on endurance once you have 20 intelligence and 45 faith. make your way back to 4-3 and run to stormruler, finish off the manti and let lose with its awesome power on the storm king. congrats! another world finished, feel free to farm the reaper if you must, but i didn't. spend your souls on endurance then head over to world 3-x. with your faith you should be able to one hit the octopus wardens no problem. make your way through the level and free freke (not that we'll be using him but meh) run to the stairs and put that black phantom in her place! enter the dolls arena and get ready by breaking all the chairs then sprinting up the side of the church and attacking her, shes very weak and it shouls take about 8 hits to kill her, to find the real one target one and if they have a health bar under them its a fake! get carried up the hole and return to the nexus, spend your souls into endurance (until 30 if you hit 30 then spend them on vitality, once that hits 30, get int to 30) make your way through 3-2 until you get to yurt. (now you have a choice to make either a) kill yurt or b) kill yurt by pushing him off the edge then reloading to get his armor) after thats done get into his cage and go down to ground floor, make your way through the level till the heart hits the ground, go back to the heart and make your way down to it to get a ring (the soul increasing once i believe) then continue to fight the maneaters. not too hard, kill one of them fast and then take out the second one, go to the nexus and do what you want then make your way to the end of 3-x, take out the easiest boss of the game then go back to the nexus and start (or continue) 2-x (once you hit 30 vit, int, and endurance continue to get faith to 50. before you continue 2-x make sure you learn some miracles from Urbain whom you find in patches' trap in 4-x. once everything settled make your way to the worst boss ever, the flamelurker, but at least we have a good weapon to take him on with! i fight this guy naked, so i can roll, after you roll simply slash at his back (with the blessed +5 you should make him flinch and stunlock him him for a bit!) once hes dead take his soul to Blacksmith Ed then make your way to the dragon god. if you have pure white then make sure to save room for the Dragon bone smasher or "keel smasher" in the Asian version. Simply activate the dragonators (too much monster hunter for me!) and finish him off, return to the nexus and learn the wrath of god! now you can run to the gecko nest is 2-2 and reap all of the rewards of this powerful miracle! kill them as much as you can then proceed to 1-2, (kill the red dragon for its souls) once the dragons dead continue to the tower knight, kill all the archers then beat him down. (shouldn't be that hard) make your way to 1-3 and remember to free Biorr, fight the penetrator and do your best to keep Biorr alive. after that, if you have pure black character tendency and you killed yurt or killed yurt a woman named Mephistopheles will apear in the nexus and ask you to kill people, you get two colorless demons souls (can be used to upgrade the shield garl dropped) and a talisman of beasts. (can use both spells and magic but the talisman of god has better miracle power, so i'd just bank it) make sure you learn all you can from urbain and the others before you kill them, also free yuria from 1-3, kill the npcs, all of them are easy besides yuria, who casts firestorm the second you start fighting her, so counter with wrath of god and then attack her like a madman/woman. (or simply say nah to Mephistopheles.) then make your way to the last area of the last level. kill the black phantoms the go back to the nexus and grab your bow and about 400+ arrows. fight your way to the dragon then shoot it till its half health, kill the fattie and then the gecko, if you didn't kill Biorr hes gunna die now. wait for the dragon to attack on the right side. as soon as its open enough for you sprint (naked for max speed) then when your under the dragon r3 target and let lose on his head until dead, continue to get the key from ostrava (unless he died beforehand) then kill his black phantom, then make your way to the False King. okay, so dodge his lunges and jump attack and then counterattack, then when hes about to thrust his sword into the ground run up and slash at him, when he falls grab his soul then go to the nexus, then return to 1-1 and go to the mausoleum to kill old king doran (as well as getting demonbrant) then go to the nexus and talk to the maiden (REMEMBER TO TAKE ARCHSTONE SHARDS!!!) go down and kill allant, then use the shard to go back to ed to forge northern regalia, finish up any lose ends then go to the great one and chose which ending you want, good = maidens soul and the ability to get soulsuck i think or a soul that gives 200,000 souls and a new eye stone that lets you duel people to gain the amount of souls that it took to level them up! happy playing and i hope you found this build fun!


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