Fire Spray Mage
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Build summary A mage that makes use of the underrated Fire Spray, good pve MABYE for pvp (untested)
Recommended starting class(es) royal, or mage but the royal is better for the low soul level.
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 25
Will/Intelligence 40
Endurance **
Strength **
Dexterity **
Magic 50
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Equipment - R1- Kris Blade +5
R2 - whatever suits your fancy
L1 - Insanity Catalyst
L2 - once again whatever.
Head- Monks collar OR the silver circlet if you can't obtain the head wrap.
everything else - sage freke's armor (can't think of the name to save my life)
Rings - soul - (should'nt be in soul form tsk tsk…) cling ring and the ring of magical sharpness.
body - Ring of magical sharpness and the ring of arvice.

Recommended spells/miracles

Spells - Firespray of course. Soul Arrow and Soul Ray, and Fireball. (firestorm is far, far too costly with the low MP you'll have.

Gameplay tips and progression

here's a small walkthrough as to what you should do.

Finish 1-1, then head over to the tower of Latria.

3-1 - okay, nothing hard, the octopus wardens can probably kill you with a soul ray, maybe not. run through this area untill you get the ring of magical sharpness, and save sage Freke. Head down to the Fool's Idol stage and beat her, you have 3 casts of soul arrow/flametoss until she teleports and clones herself. to find out whos the real one simply target the boss and if there is a health bar under the clone its a fake. 3-1 done, thumbs up to you!

spend your souls as this - Get magic up to 30 then work on getting intelligence to 40 (if you want you may increase your vit to 25 or so, if your pro or just good at dodging then just continue to level up int.)

Now Head over to 2-1 and lets go kill that over sized spider and learn firespray

nothing special about this place, just remember before you take the life down to the Armored spider's lair to grab the Kris Blade up above. To kill the Armored Spider simply equip the thiefs ring then sprint to the tunnel, roll to one of his legs and blast away with soul arrow. after you get his souls go learn firespray.

Yay we have firespray! sadly its useless against the flamelurker but oh well. finish off 2-x and learn fireball.

now finish off 3-x, and if you have online availability i recommend doing this - (after killing the old monk) go to the maneaters archstone and run back to the circular room, after one of the pillars you can use the black eyestone (obtained off of the black phantom in 3-1) use the black eyestone untill it says -YOU ARE BEING SUMMONED- not "invading", once you are summoned you will the the old monks champion, with the akward (but VERY powerful) monks head collar. if your weak you can pray that the host dies before she/he gets to you, but while he/shes on her way go ahead and be a good sport and break all the chairs. i can't help you any more than that as everyone plays differently, i believe it has a 95% chance of giving the head wrap to you -IF THE HOST DIES- you don't have to actually kill the host yourself. oh and if you invade and aren't summoned let the host kill you or you lose a soul level. now that you have the Monks head Collar, the ring of magical sharpness, a fail kris blade, and Fire spray, you're on your way to being awesome! (:P) after you kill the flamelurker upgrade one of your catalyst's into a insanity catalyst (50% less mp? well firespray only takes 2mp so deal with it, plus one fresh spice will last you so much longer!)

now that your armed to the teeth, its time to upgrade that terrible kris blade into yet another magical boosting item. proceed to the Phalanx archstone and run to the first guard tower, you should have gotten soul ray, with all your equipment it should take 5 (oooh yeah only 5) casts to kill him, maybe 6. after hes dead go kill the tower guard. after HES dead go back to the 1-1 archstone kill miralda and claim your first colorless demon's soul. use it to upgrade your kris blade at good ol' ed. grab the gold mask (that you found near the ring of avrice in 3-3) and head to 4-1. murder the poor skellys with your firespray machinegun and grab the talisman of god near the first fog gate, then run past the trap and through the little maze to "sparkely" the crow. drop the gold mask then re-load your game, then grab the soul and do the same with the talisman (you get 3 through drops leave a comment if you can trade more than one) then re-load and get yet another colorless demon's soul. head over to ed to make your kris blade a kirsblade+3! you should have around 6 or so stones of emphirial eyes so suicide in 2-x then go to the nexus and use one then repete untill you have PB or slightly less than pure black world tendency to get a colorless demons soul from the primevil demon ( look at the farming page if you want to farm) there are many ways to get the last colorless to make it a +5 so find out a way. i won't tell you how to play any more, its up to tyou, use your new power to smite your foes! (see? its totally underrated :P)


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