Pornstar Makoto
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Build summary Low-level PVP naked Makoto wielder
Recommended starting class(es) your actor/actress of preference
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 20
Will/Intelligence **
Endurance 20
Strength 18
Dexterity **
Magic **
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Regenerator's Ring
Cling ring

Regenerator's Ring
<Your ring of choice>

Recommended spells/miracles

Your choice. Just for the fun of it, don't use any.

Gameplay tips and progression

I don't really know how "low" is a low level PVP but this is how I have fun. I tried to maintain

my soul level to 35. After world 4 impatience kicked-in and I leveled to 45 adding another 10 to

endurance. While in body form always commit suicide in world 1-1 (meet-up with sweet BP Miralda)

because you will need all Stone of Ephemeral Eyes you can get for turning world 2 to pure


Do this offline until you reach the Colorless Demon Soul farming stage.
1. Kill Vanguard of tutorial. You know that feeling? You just can't let it live.
2. Get Cling Ring + all the stuff in the dragon pit in world 1-1. If you die return and clean your bloodstain.
3. Defeat Phalanx. Increase strength to 18.
4. Defeat Tower Knight. Increase endurance/vitality according to taste.
5. Defeat world 2. Get Dragon Long Sword+1. Learn Evacuate. You will need this to survive world 5-1. Don't forget that bad-lookin bone smasher as collectibles.
6. Defeat world 4-1. Get Regenarator's Ring and Adjudicator's Shield. You will need these to survive world 5-1 easily. Don't forget Talisman of God.
7. Defeat world 5-1 continue to look for Mirdan Hammer. Evacuate.
8. Study Water Veil. This is for chunk of Dragon Stone farming in world 2-2.
9. Upgrade Mirdan Hammer to Dragon+5.
10. Use Mirdan for a walk-in-park world 4 and get Makoto.
11. Meet-up with BP Miralda. Don't forget that hanging corpse with Colorless Demon Soul.

You should be around Soul Level 30-45. You can go to 3-1 for Fluted armor. Equip arms and legs only. Take note that equiping the set will ruinin the "nakedness".

12. Go online. Turn world 2 to pure black and farm for Colorless Demon Soul. See tuts.
13. Upgrade Makoto to +5. Invade. Have fun.


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