Dexterity Build [PvP]
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Build summary "Default Dex" + 2 Dex builds :)
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 125

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50 // 50 // 50
Will/Intelligence 18 // 18 // 15
Endurance 40 // 30 // 33
Strength 18 // 18 // 18
Dexterity 50 // 60 // 50
Magic ** // ** // 16
Faith 16 // 16 // 16
Luck ** // ** // **
Recommended equipment

Default Dex // Hawu's dex // Light Weapon Dex

Default Dex

  • Talisman of the Beast (left hand)
  • Hiltless +5 (left hand)
  • Sharp Uchigatana +5 (right hand)
  • <Imput Weapon of choice> I like to use Fatal Estoc +5 as a Backup Weapon (right hand)
  • Ancient King Set (for good armor)
  • Cling Ring + Foe's/Friend's Ring [Soul Form]
  • Clever Rat's Ring + Eternal Warrior's Ring [Body Form]

Hawu's Dex

  • Good setup to use with this build: Sharp Estoc (RH) + Sharp Uchigatana (LH)

LW build (you can use the following class for this build: Knight, Temple Knight, Royal)
Your push will do damage (~50/shove), didn't do the "math" yet to prove it is better for shove combos.
note: use Light Weapon with Insanity Catalyst for better enchantment, you will get ~200 bonus damage (in-game menu)

Recommended spells/miracles

Default Dex

  • Curse Weapon
  • Second Chance

Hawu's Dex:

  • Cursed Weapon (I generally have it with me, but I will rarely use it)
  • Second Chance

LW dex

  • Light weapon du'h
  • Second Chance
Gameplay tips and progression

Attacks you want to use a lot:
Running Stab
Shove Combo*

*how to?
EASY! =]
just train on NPC's first or alone…
start with running stab, or Left Hand hit (Hiltless)
than use "Push Move" (Forward + R1)
L1 (left hand Hit
Push… and so on, till your stamina is empty =]

this combo will "lock" your enemy if done correctly, they will not move till you run out of stamina

I'll re-write this on the end of this month.


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