Legendary archer
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Build summary A powerful archer build made to slay with one arrow!
Recommended starting class(es) wanderer
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 30
Will/Intelligence 10+
Endurance 35+
Strength 22
Dexterity 50+
Magic 10+
Faith 16
Luck **
Recommended equipment

*RH1:sharp uchigatana+5
*RH2:sticky(viscous)compound longbow
*LH1:the morion blade
*LH2:a catalyst/talisman or even better talisman of beasts

*head: assasin's hood
*chest:Ancient king's Breastplate YOU MUST BE ABLE TO ROLL!!
*arms:Ancient king's Gauntlets
*legs:Hard leather boots

*Soul form rings:Cling ring & clever rat's ring if PVP: friend/foe's ring+ clever rat's ring
*Body form rings: Clever rat's ring and Dull rat's ring

Recommended spells/miracles

*I reccomend to have warding with you. As you might have noticed, you are using the 'rat's effect' if you have your hp lower than 30%, your power will have 150% power added!so warding is very useful for survival.

*I also reccomend cloak, i will explain why in the tips part.

*Finally second chance will be very useful in case you die.

Gameplay tips and progression

Okay lets start!
First of all, remember that you will be an ARCHER so you wont need much life, you will be at a safe distance.
1.Choose a wanderer class(you may want hunter for the bow, but you'll get a better one in a moment)Beat the first level and be ready to go to the shrine of storms.PS, kill OSTRAVA he will give you an important key.

2. Now to shrine of storms, get ready to get owned, you must be careful with these skeletons. Fight your way up until you find some fog gate, open it and head for the left corridor. Beware of a floor trap, then turn left and lure this overpowered guy of the place(do not fight!). Grab your precious cresent falcion.Go up the stairs till you see an archer, go below him and kill everyone. Climb more stairs until you find the archer again, kill him and take…..A COMPOUND LONGBOW!leave the place or dare to beat the world.

3.Now go to world 3-1 and beat the whole level, near the boss you should find a clever rat's ring, this ring will be like your wife for this build. You should also find your hood here aswell as a good shield and some good armour.

4. Go to archstone number 2 and beat the worlds 2-1 and 2-2, you could beat world 2-3 too. In this archstone you should get spiderstones and unlock blacksmith Ed. With this guy you can upgreade your bow to sticky!I hope you are trying to reach the levels i said? your power is the dexterity, and your bow your life!

5. Try to get a poisonous weapon or plague weapon. Maybe a spell might do the trick. You will fight The Old king Doran! This guy is very strong but with some poison or plague, or even BOTH! You will own him! He is in the world 1-1 behind a red knight. Remember that guy? well, use your rat's ring and Kill him!Vs king doran just poison him and run. You will get his sword and armour. You want his armour.

6. you should be very strong by now you , why dont ya beat the 4th archstone? Go and kill everyone!!!Behind vanguard in world 4-1 you will find an Uchigatana, you want a sharp uchigatana so use blade stone and upgrade it. If you beat the archstone, You can get a LOT of things. You should have most stuff by now, If not go and get it, you should be able to get those by yourself.

7.you should have everything now. if you do, you should inflict around 800-1100 dmg with your arrows!
I reccomend to beat the game before starting to harvest Black phantoms and more. So beat the game and Enjoy the NG+!


Okay you can host very well in world 4-1, activate the rat effect and get ready. The coward way is to aim t the archstone and kill th BP when he appears. Also you can do it the cool way and wait for it to come close and shoot!
Wanna invade? then get your cloak ready and your rat effect. Invade and use cloak, make sure that you dont appear witha bow in your hand until you are invisible. Once invisible you should be as a light ball, ready your bow and wait. The host should see you as a buff, so he will come closer and try to hit you, so SURPRISE! an arrow on his face. If you had the morion blade,Rat ring and FOE's ring he sould have died in one shot!
As a blue phantom the life is easier, just shoot the guy when he appears, do not try the cloak thing as a blue phantom. the host will get in the way.

So, that was it, how to be a Legendary archer.
But, dont limit yourself, buy heavy arrows, rotten arrows, fire arrows, be ready for each occasion!
If you have a question just ask them and a will anwser the questions.


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