BlueBlood Sword PVP/PVE SL 80
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Build summary Decent… I have made it in the Past.. Don't remember the exact damage but is good all the same.
Recommended starting class(es) Royalty
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 25
Will/Intelligence 15
Endurance 25
Strength 12
Dexterity 18
Magic 18
Faith 18
Luck 30
Recommended equipment

Alright instead of filling this out… I had already made a guide I sent to one of my friends on the PS3. So I'll just Paste it here

Vitality=============Health Carry weight = 914 120
Intelligence==========Memory MP = 2 106
Endurance==========Stamina Equip able Weight Fire Defense Bleed Resistance Poison Resistance = 117 54 39+ 73+ 73+
Strength============Attack Power = 63
Dexterity============Attack Power = 36
Magic===============Magic Power = 1800
Faith================Miracle slots Power M Defense = 2 1800 36
Luck================Item Occurrence Plague Resistance = 120 100

Alright so those stats are rough estimates… Don't expect them to be 100% accurate.
Also the low strength means that this character is meant to ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS 2-Hand the Blue-blood sword. The reasoning behind the 15 int is for Second chance which requires 100 MP just to use… There are alternate ways to achieve that such as Silver catalyst and the Silver coronet. The reasoning behind stopping the Luck at 30 is because after that the damage doesn't really increase as much. The 18's are just requirements for the BBS(Blue-blood Sword).
The 25 Endurance is for Fluted armor the Whole set except helmet which I Substitute for The Assassin's Mask… Nothing special Just for looks. The reason for fluted is because It is the lightest but highest physical defense aid with decent M Defense and Resistances. Endurance could be lessened if for Ancient king's armor. And lastly the 25 vitality for more hp…. Beings that it is a PVP(Player vs. Player)Build more hp is needed… With the 914 hp + the Second chance "Half hp comeback" Your basically looking at 1371 hp Which is really high for a SL of 80.

Recommended spells/miracles

Alrighty then Read the Above ^^
Oh yeah… And also
Light weapon enchant Is a decent spell to get will increase damage by quite a bit…
There are alternatives instead of using your only 2 spell slots such as:
Black turpentine
Sticky White Stuff

Another reminder
Rings: Ring of Great Strength Is a Must if you want FULL mobility… The other ring slot is Your choice

Gameplay tips and progression

Uhm I really wouldn't recommend Leveling this character past SL80 because Most Demon's Souls players are SL80 and below. Also A BBS(BlueBloodSword)Build isn't incredibly strong even with max stats… Easily surpassed by a Crude DEX or STR build.

One Major flaw is that you cannot Have a shield… You can still block but It won't be as effective as a Shield

Items to pressure another player in battle… Kunai For the poison Or have a +5 Baby's Nail on hand for Plague

Also… Not as strong but Useful against Dark silver users Is the Spell Ignite A Point blank Fire damaging spell.


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