Stealth Build -SL125 (PvE & PvP)
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Build summary Stealth Assassin Build for PvE and PvP
Recommended starting class(es) Hunter
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40
Will/Intelligence 18
Endurance 40
Strength -
Dexterity 68
Magic 8*
Faith 8*
Luck -
Recommended equipment

*get to 10 to learn spells then delevel back to 8.

Left Hand 1 - Talisman of beast
Left Hand 2 - Heater Shield/Mercury Parrying Dagger/Babies Nail
Right Hand 1 - Fatal Secret Dagger/Estoc (For backstabs and parry rips)
Right Hand 2 - Sharp Estoc/Secret Dagger

Kunai - Awesome!

Cling Ring
Thiefs Ring
Grave Robbers Ring

You want no stamina penalty or a noisey armour, so I use:
Assassin's hood + shaman's chest and legs + wizard's gloves for a assassin look with no penalty (black leather has a penalty!)

Recommended spells/miracles

Hidden Soul
Death Cloud

Gameplay tips and progression

As body form use:
Thiefs Ring
Grave Robbers Ring
Cloak for PvE or Hidden Soul if your invaded

As a black phantom use:
Cling Ring
Thiefs Ring

As a blue phantom use:
Cling Ring
Thiefs Ring+Cloak for PvE or Graverobbers Ring+Hidden Soul for PvP

Use cloud spell after a backstab as a finishing move, or boss killing, distraction for backstab/healing.

This is my first build so give nice feedback and not flame!


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