Firestorm fury
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Build summary Around SL 100+, use for overpowered hypermode firestorm, PvE, PvP (use at your own risk)
Recommended starting class(es) Royalty, any class will suffice, but starting with higher magic can always help
Recommended Soul Level **

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 30
Will/Intelligence 45
Endurance **
Strength 22
Dexterity 18
Magic 30
Faith 18
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Left Hand 1 - Morion Blade**
Left Hand 2- Shield, Dark Silver (only if unsure about taking a hit)/
A bow, Lava or Sticky Compound long bow +5

Right Hand 1 - Sword of choice, Blueblood would be mine with the increased magic damage aswell as being an all round good sword (dexterity for this reason, raise luck aswell if you prefer).
Either that or the Northern Regalia, I like the large base damage and in Hypermode with an R2 swing hit something along the lines of a 2246 damage attack, certainly not too bad.
Useful to have Magic Sword 'Makoto' handy for lowering health to ~30%
Right Hand 2 - Talisman of Beasts.

**Morion blade can be moved to right hand and talisman used on left if you prefer, i just have it that way round because i am foolish like that i guess, just a routine.

Rings - Clever Rat's Ring
Ring of Magical Sharpness/ Cling ring (if unconfident in soul form)

Items/Consumables - The odd cresent moon grass if it doesn't raise health too far
Old Spice (as much as possible)
Turpentine/Black Turpentine (if using a sword or choice)
Sticky White Stuff (again, for sword if using one)
Royal Lotus (poison tends to be the most common ailment)

Armour - Anything that is light, if you have higher endurance, you can use better armour, but being able to roll and move quickly is always handy

Recommended spells/miracles

Spells - Firestorm of course -
The best damage I can remember doing with one firestorm was over 13000 on the Old Hero, needless to say, one hit kill.
A ranged spell, Soul Ray for example -
Might experiment with other spells as i find soul ray to be just too costly on MP for what it does (also getting a bit tired of it) where as soul arrow might just about have the same effect (OHK), Homing soul arrow seems tempting and could take it's place
Warding (should take one hit up to New game ++, not guaranteed)

Miracles - Evacuate, just use it for easy farming if desired
Gods wrath (might aswell if you have the space)
Second Chance (if you are unconfident, takes away hypermode having you on 50%)

Gameplay tips and progression

First of all, i only use this setup to mess around when playing as a blue phantom with friends, however, though it may be rather risky using this setup, it cant be denied that pretty much all enemies and most bosses will be taken down in one usage (second firestorm is always possible before you take a hit).

Good for all situations providing you are good at dodging, rolling away from attacks or use a strong shield to absorb damage if preferred.

I believe that around 30 vitality should be high enough when playing as a blue phantom and using warding to be able to take a hit when at ~30% health, not 100% sure but high vitality could never hurt, the higher your endurance the better aswell, i've left it blank for other users to experiment, i have my endurance at 40

Overall, it works very well and is always good for a laugh when playing with friends and certainly impresses people who don't expect it when you join their game, pretty much ideal for its intended use, always risky to use having your health below ~30%, more so in soul form of course but in the end, it's only really used to mess around or help people online so it doesnt matter if you die anyway.

Quick note- These stats are at level 100, after that I tend to put stats on endurance, up to 25 is soul level 115, then possibly more on magic.

Good gaming and any comments or possible improvements by all means, leave a comment


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