Selen Vinland
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Build summary Model of Selen and the blind meant for PvE and Co-op
Recommended starting class(es) Wanderer
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40
Will/Intelligence 15
Endurance 35
Strength **
Dexterity 50
Magic 15
Faith 45
Luck **
Recommended equipment

*Dull gold helmet
*Dull gold armor
*Dull gold leggings
*Dull gold gauntlets

*RH2-Sharp Uchigatana+5(a Backup just in case you can pick a diffrent if you want)
*LH1-Talismen of God
*LH2-Dark Silver Shield+5

Soul Form-Friends Ring and Eternal warriors ring
Body Form-Eternal warriors ring and Ronin's Ring

Items Needed
Eds Grinestones(Expensive Sadly, but needed)
Full Moon Grass
Fresh Spice

Recommended spells/miracles

Evacuate (For Farming i Farm in 4-2 the reaper using the compound bow strat)
Second Chance (For Bosses Mainly)
Gods Wraith (backup for when overwhelmed)
Anti-Magic Field

Poison cloud

Gameplay tips and progression

Okay so this is my first time ever creating a build so don't murder me to hard on it ive had the game for two months and this is a character im working on now i enjoy it alot considering i like to just help people play, i have not PvPed much yet. To get this early on you would beat 1-1 then go to 4-1 to get the crescent falchion, regenerators ring, graverobbers ring, and ajudictaors shield. With this health regeneration combo head to 1-2 and demolish the tower knight took me 5-10 hits to the head to kill him easy win.then head to 3-1 and save sage freke, You should now have warding head to 5-1 and beat the leechmonger to learn poison cloud should be easy with warding. Next go to 5-2 and find the lone slug to retrieve the dull gold armor set. for the next part youll need life stones(Stone of empheral eyes) kill yourself in body form 4-5 times and you should be in pure black world tendency( do this part offline of course) once you come back BP selen will be right past the first fog gate to the right equip the graverobbers ring walk behind her and cast poison cloud till she dies. Congrats your almost the repeat this same process on OKD to get the eternal warriors ring. Next you can either go to get the ronin ring in 4-2 in the slug pit after third reaper or you can proceed to 5-3 and wax garl vindland for your dark silver shield up to you. To get friends ring you need pure white character tendency talk to monumental in Nexus.

Thats the basics of it i have not PvPed with this but theres probably alot of flaws to it so for now its more of a PvE thing You can pretty much run threw any bose with this the only troubles i had where old hero and flamelurker everything else was easy please if you have any tips or comments feel free to share im working on four builds a BBS, FAITH,and Demon Mage and since there all up i decided to post this one….. anyways if you try this build let me no what you think my Psn is iiGNoRaNcE so add me if you want to play looking for some one to play the game with


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